Allgemeine Bedingungen

Allgemeine Bedingungen

1. T&C Applicability and Scope

1.1 „Shoppers“ are all individuals and/or legal entities who buy one or more items in the webshop as well as visitors of the webshop.

1.2 The current T&C shall apply to any and all goods offered for sale and/or bought by and from the webshop as well as to any other agreement made via this webshop.

1.3 The present T&C shall exclude any and all other T&C. The aforesaid shall particularly apply to terms & conditions governing sales or lease transactions in Seller’s business.

1.4 Shopper’s order placement via the webshop shall serve as its acknowledgement and acceptance of the present T&C

1.5 In the event one or more provisions hereunder are or should be rendered invalid by judicial decision this shall not affect the remaining provisions’ validity whatsoever.

2. Contract Accomplishment

2.1 Any conclusion of sales contracts between Seller and Shopper shall be subject to Seller’s explicit acceptance of Shopper’s (and/or Prospect’s) order. Seller shall respectively inform Shopper by means of a respective confirmation in writing.

2.2 Shopper’s receipt of the abovementioned confirmation letter shall constitute the contract’s accomplishment.

2.3 Seller reserves the right to reject orders or cancel contracts without any obligation to compensate Shopper. However, any and all payments possibly already made in relation to suchlike rejected orders and/or canceled contracts shall be refunded by Seller. The aforesaid shall apply in particular if customers or – if suchlike customers are individuals – its family members and/or the delivery address stated – caused problems in the past and/or in presence of outstanding invoices.

3. Prices

3.1 Any and all product prices shall be in Euro and including all applicable taxes; however, excluding possible delivery charges.

3.2 Seller reserves the right to adjust its prices at any time. However, items shall be invoiced on base of the prices applicable at the time of order placement.

3.3 Seller assumes no liabilities whatsoever for suchlike (typing) errors in relation to its offers Shopper has to reasonably expect as such.

3.4 The “outstanding amount” shall be the one stated in the confirmation letter.

3.5 Seller reserves the right to adjust outstanding prices even after accomplishment of the contract. The aforesaid shall, for instance, apply if price adjustments result from amended delivery charges or taxes and/or (typing) errors.

3.6 In the event prices increase Shopper shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract without any expenses arising therefrom and without Seller being obliged to provide for possible compensation.

3.7 The titles to any and all items shall remain with Seller until its definite receipt of the full purchase price.

4. Payment

4.1 The following payment options are available for items ordered via the webshop:

* credit card: Visa, Mastercard Paypal

* online banking

* bank transfer: IBAN: BE15 9208 0049 7230 BIC


Record Bank

By using any of the abovementioned payment systems Shopper shall have to also accept possible T&C of respectively involved providers. Moreover, Seller shall not be party to the relationship between Shopper and the providers of payment systems.

4.2 Seller undertakes to use its best efforts to ensure the security of webshop users. However, under no circumstances whatsoever shall Seller be liable for possible damage resulting from the use of the webshop and in particular not for damage caused by third parties who abuse website and/or payment system.

4.3 Seller complies with the regulations regarding the possible refunding of amounts paid by consumers in accordance with the Act on Trading Practices, Consumer Information and Consumer Protection as of July 14, 1991.

4.4 In the event payment terms have been defined – however, in any event 30 days as from delivery – Shopper shall legally incur default interest in the amount of 1% per each month of late payment without any prior dunning being required. Additionally, Shopper shall in suchlike cases be obliged to pay 10% compensation; however, at least EUR 50.00.

5. Delivery

5.1 Any and all items shall be sent to the indicated delivery address (postal address or other).

5.2 Self-evidently, Seller shall and will use its best efforts to ensure the items’ delivery as quick as possible. Nevertheless, the delivery terms stated in the webshop shall be without obligation.

5.3 In the event items ordered cannot be delivered within a term of 30 days, Shopper and Seller shall be entitled to agree extra time. If, however, they fail to do so the contract shall be legally terminated, and Seller shall refund any amount possibly already received in relation with the respective transaction within a term of 30 days.

5.4 Respective representatives shall use their best efforts in processing and handling any and all orders placed correctly and as quick as possible.

5.5 Shopper’s right to claim refunding of purchase prices already paid shall come into effect if respective items are not on hand within a term of 21 days.

5.6 Any and all items shall be shipped using customary postal service operators. shall not assume any liabilities for deferred deliveries caused by suchlike postal service operators or their respective means of transport. The same shall apply to products lost and/or in the event of industrial action. Any and all transport risk shall be borne by the party requesting the use of postal service operators or shipping companies.

6. Right to Avoidance of Sale

6.1 The Right to Avoidance of Sale shall exclusively apply to items purchased via the webshop by individuals and/or legal entities for non-commercial purposes and/or used in that same manner.

6.2 In accordance with the Act on Trading Practices, Consumer Information and Consumer Protection as of May 15, 2010, consumers are entitled to declare to the seller their cancellation of a purchase within a term of 14 days calendar days as from the respective items’ receipt.

6.3 At Shopper’s expense and along with (a copy of) the invoice/delivery slip, respective goods are to be returned in their undamaged original package within the abovementioned term to the address below:

De Goudsbloem

Kerkweg 17

1790 Affligem


6.4 Any return of incomplete, damaged, already used and/or soiled items will not be accepted.

6.5 Within a term of 30 days as from the return’s acceptance, Seller shall refund possibly already paid purchase prices minus upfront delivery charges.

7. Privacy

7.1 Seller will store your personal data in your personal account in order to facilitate correct transactions. The storing of respective data facilitates suchlike transactions’ faster future processing.

7.2 Seller undertakes to adhere to the Belgian Act on the Processing of Personal Data as of December 8 1992, amended by the Act as from December 11 1998, which incorporates the European Directive as of October 24, 1995. According to the said Act, individuals or corporations collecting data have to be permitted to do so by the respective data’s owner. Furthermore, this Act stipulates that the information requested has to be relevant, legal and correct and may exclusively be used for specific, obvious purposes conformable to law. The owner of personal information is to be grated access to the same and the right to adjust them.

7.3 Seller undertakes not to disclose any personal data to any third party with or without commercial intent.

8. Applicable Law

8.1 Any and all sales hereunder shall be subject to Belgian law.

8.2 The exclusive jurisdiction for any and all matters hereunder shall be with the competent courts in the arrondissement of Brussels.