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A Buddha is someone who is fully awakened by his own strength. The word Buddha means “the awakened,” “the enlightened,” and “the one with a comprehensive understanding.”
A Buddha mainly stands for happiness, love and healing. This is not only for yourself but also for those in your immediate environment.

Buddha statues symbolize Buddhist teachings. All Buddhas have the same in common, peace, rebirth, compassion and detachment, which are the truths for all Buddhists. A Buddha statue also makes you quieter, and you will find these statues more and more in the Western living rooms.

After the first Buddha Gautama, several new Buddhas came, they had their own qualities and their own philosophy. This is also the reason that there are different Buddha statues. From their posture, clothing and mudras (hand gestures), you can see which Buddha it is about.

With us you will find an extensive range of Buddha statues: Buddha of Compassion Chenresig, Amithaba Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Manjushri, Amitayus, Vajrasattva, Ratnasambhava, Akshobya, Vairochana, Amogasiddhi, White Tara, Green Tara, Buddha Teaching, Reclining Buddha, monks, olifs statues,…

A Buddha statue is a beautiful gift to give, because in Buddhism a Buddha stands for happiness. In this way you wish the recipient happiness, prosperity and this also strengthens the friendship between donor and recipient. You can also purchase a Buddha for yourself, do this with the right intention. By the way, it's a myth that you can't buy a Buddha statue for yourself.

Enjoy the positive energy and beauty of your Buddha.

Maybe our Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha statues are also something for you.

Buddha of Compassion Chenrezig
Chenrezig (Tibetan) or Avalokiteshvara (Sanskrit) is the Buddha of great compassion, of limitless compassion towards all living beings.
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Quan Yin statuette white
Quan Yin is the embodiment of compassion and friendship, and she can hear the crying of every living being. Quan Yin is also known as the Goddess of Mercy. She is a virgin goddess who will protect women, a patroness of the sea, supports the ones who ask for help and hears every prayer.
Green Tara transparent green
Transparent green statue of Green Tara, made of glazed glass.Combine with a LED base for a beautiful illuminated statue.
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Buddha statue big white
Very beautiful Buddha statue from polyresin. The Buddha is sitting cross-legged and his right hand is touching the earth. This is known as "invoking the earth."
Green tara white
Est une femme Bouddha. Son nom signifie étoile ou aussi pont, traversée, traversée. Images pour: ceux qui vous aident à traverser l'océan de souffrance.
Zambala white
This deity increases our pure crystal-energy and realizes inner wealth. Zambala helps us to improve material conditions and to overcome the hardships of poverty. Helps accumulating the causes of prosperity and increases the pure energy of the five elements of the natural environment.
Green Tara
Green Tara (Chittamani Tara) is a female manifestation of enlightened energy, very popular in Tibetan Buddhism.
Amithaba Buddha statue Japan
Antique look.Buddha means “the Enlightened One”, the name that Siddharta Gautama received after he reached the Enlightenment.Siddharta Gautama was born as the son of an Indian king on the border of modern Nepal 623 years BC.
Green Tara Female Buddha
Colourful statue of the Female Buddha Green Tara.The Green Tara is a female Buddha. Her name means Star or also bridge, crossing, crossing. Imagery for: those who help you to cross the ocean of suffering.
Yoga monk statue ohm orange
Decorative statue to place in the home or in a yoga studio, therapy room or waiting room.
Yoga monk statue ohm grey
Decorative statue to place in the home or in a yoga studio, therapy room or waiting room.
White Tara brass white finish
White Tara (Drolma in Tibetan) is a female manifestation of enlightened energy; she is very popular in Tibetan Buddhism.
Green Tara brass antique green finish
Tara literally means 'the saviour'. In Buddhism, Tara is seen as a manifestation of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. She originated from the tears of Avalokiteshvara, which she poures out of compassion with all beings. Tara is therefore above all the essence (deity) of compassion. She is seen as the mother of all mothers.
Green Tara brass golden small
Green Tara (Chittamani Tara) is a female manifestation of enlightened energy, very popular in Tibetan Buddhism.
Green Tara brass small
Green Tara (Chittamani Tara) is a female manifestation of enlightened energy, very popular in Tibetan Buddhism.