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Pranarôm has been offering the best essential oils for health and well-being for over 25 years. Pranarôm is the expert in scientific aromatherapy and develops products of the highest quality based on 100% pure and natural essential oils, with organic ingredients where possible. Every product is the result of in-depth scientific research and is strictly controlled. To always guarantee impeccable quality, Pranarôm works as follows:

– Preference for biologically certified raw materials and, failing this, for wild-picked plants in untreated areas.
– Two-fold analysis of all lots of essential oils: internally and by an independent laboratory. The analyzes are performed taking into account the European pharmacopoeia, the AFNOR standards and strict internal standards.
– No ingredients from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

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Pranarom Eucaly mixt for diffusion essential oils organic
Mixture of eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemon and hô wood.A refreshing mixture that helps to free the clogged airways. This balanced preparation smells very elegant and is very well tolerated both in spraying and inhalation.
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Pranarom Vitality mixture for diffusion essential oils organic
Tonifying and stimulating freshness of pine and ravintsara.All the strengthening energy of large trees and Ravintsara concentrated in a dynamic and stimulating fragrance composition, source of vitality and tone.
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Pranarom Essential oil honey myrtle organic
This plant, originating from Corsica and Sardinia, is used to season game and fat meat, but is also used to prepare a delicious liqueur. The berries are popular because of their taste similar to that of juniper and the leaves taste like rosemary.
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Pranarom Essential oil Roman chamomile organic
In the light, sandy soil of Western Europe, this perennial has feathery leaves, and flower heads made up of white, sparse, tube-shaped flowers with yellow centres inserted on a conical receptacle and yellowish ribbed achenes.
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Pranarom Essential oil Santalwood
The sandalwood, which grows 10 to 12 meters high, comes from Malaysia and has a crown with disintegrating branches. The oval, evergreen leaves are opposite each other.
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Pranarom Essential oil Atlas cedarwood organic 2 pieces
Price per piece : 6,41 €Atlas Cedarwood comes from North Africa. A very long time ago, it also grew in Europe in natural conditions. It can face cold weather, its needles are bluish, and its bark is light grey.
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Pranarom Essential oil Bergamot organic
Native to China, bergamot belongs to the botanical family of the Rutaceae under which we also find all the citrus fruits: lemon, mandarin, grapefruit and orange.
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Pranarom Essential oil Lemon litsea organic 2 pieces
Price per piece : 6,16 €
This evergreen tree, originating from the tropical regions of Asia, has simple, full, alternating leaves; the blossoms give fruit with a thin skin and fleshy flesh, from which the essential oil is extracted that has a warm and exotic pleasant lemony fragrance.
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Pranarom Esstential oil True lavender organic
True lavender is one of the flagships of modern aromatherapy. Its perfect innocuousness and excellent tolerance, along with its unquestionable effectiveness, have most certainly contributed to its primordial role in all aromatic pharmacies worthy of the name. The wide range of indications for this essential oil makes it a universal panacea.
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Pranarom Essential oil Ginger organic
De wortelstok van gember wordt al meer dan 6000 jaar gebruikt in India en China voor het behandelen van maagproblemen, diarree en misselijkheid, maar ook voor culinaire doeleinden. Op het ogenblik hebben meerdere dubbelblinde testen met placebo de doeltreffendheid en de onschadelijkheid van gember aangetoond voor het behandelen van zwangerschaps- en postoperatieve misselijkheid. De "E-commissie" voor de fytotherapie erkent het medicinaal gebruik van de wortelstok van gember om spijsverteringsproblemen te behandelen en misselijkheid ten gevolge van reisziekte te voorkomen.
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Pranarom Essential oil Cypress organic
Originally from Asia, this tree with a grey-brown bark has very small dark green leaves and flowers in little clusters located at the end of its branches.
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Pranarom Essential oil Scots pine organic
The Scots pine provides an essential oil long familiar to our grandparents who, in earlier days already, enjoyed its healing action on the bronchi through the inhalation of this essential oil in Nordic climates.
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Pranarom Essential oil Lavandin super organic
The hybridisation of true lavender and wild lavender gave rise to the lavandins (clones), richer in essence, and whose botanical and pharmacological characteristics are similar to their parents.
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Pranarom Essential oil Palmarosa organic 2 pieces
Price per piece : 5,46 €This grass of Indian origin has long, narrow leaves and linear inflorescences. With its very pleasant fragrance, this essential oil is ideal for all fungal, scarring and eczematous skin ailments.
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Pranarom Essential oil Peppermint organic
A hybrid of Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata, peppermint is an 80-cm perennial plant. It has quadrangular stems and oval, sharp dentated leaves opposite each other.
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Pranarom Essential oil Rosemary cineole organic
Rosemary is a small shrub that grows in the North African garrigue on the Mediterranean. It has linear, tough, green-lasting leaves with parallel rolled edges.
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Pranarom Essential oil Rose wood organic
Rosewood belongs, like Ravintsara, to the family of the Lauraceae. The complete botanical name is Aniba rosaeodora ssp amazonica. The essential oil of rosewood is obtained by distillating the leafed twigs exclusively from ecologically responsible plantations of this endangered plant species.
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Pranarom Essential oil Spike lavender organic
This aerial plant likes the scrublands of southern Europe and limy soils; it is sensitive to cold and has light violet flowers on loose ears found on the top of long stems.
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Pranarom Essential oil Tea-tree organic
Tea tree is an essential oil that no longer needs to prove itself! It is found in a very large number of washing (soap, shampoo, bath oil) and cosmetic products.
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Pranarom Essential oil Frankincense organic
The best quality of this history loaded essential oil is found in Yemen, the land of the Queen of Sheba. It is used for fumigation in many ritual ceremonies; the aromatherapist uses it for its healing and antifungal properties and to enhance medidative states.
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Pranarom Essential oil Ylang Ylang extra organic
Native to Asia, this tropical tree bearing shiny, persistent leaves can grow up to 20 metres in the wild. The flowers, yellow when mature, produce the best essential oil.
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Pranarom Essential oil Sweet orange organic
Native to the Mediterranean bassin, the fruit of the Citrus sinensis is called 'sweet orange' in order to make the distinction from the 'bitter orange' (Citrus aurantium).
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Pranarom Essential oil Exotic basil organic
This one-year aromatic plant from Asia has oval, shiny, dark, fluffy leaves and flowers at the end of summer. Basil has a very distinct scent, bears white flowers at the end of the upper part of the stems and exists in more than 150 different varieties.
Pranarom Essential oil citronella Java organic
Like all cymbopogons, Java citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus) comes from Indonesia and has large, narrow leaves and linear stems and inflorescences. Citronellas are large perennial herbs that grow wild or are cultivated in tropical regions like Java and Sri Lanka. Their fresh, green, lemony odour resembles that of melissa, for which they are sometimes used as substitutes.