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Are you searching for beautiful spiritual or oriental decoration for your home, or a nice present to give? You will find it at De Goudsbloem for sure.

Buying Home and Living Products

Are you searching for beautiful spiritual or oriental decoration for your home, or a nice present to give? You will find it at De Goudsbloem for sure.

Looking for something extra for your wall? Have a look at our wonderful thangkas and banners. For your window decoration, choose from a wide range of window stickers. If you want to create a better and more positive energy in your home, we offer you the Feng Shui rainbow crystals and Feng Shui crystal products as well as Feng Shui products such as wind chimeswind organswind bells and feng shui decoration.

To decorate your altar we have statues, Candle holders and Tealight holders, lotus atmospheric candle holders, candleschakra candles and candles with symbol, jewelry boxescrystals and incense

Do you want to create a special atmosphere in your living environment, then take a look at our salt crystal lamps and gemstone lamps. The subtle vibration of the salt crystals and gemstones creates a pleasant atmosphere, and the diffuse light provides harmonic stillness.


Feng-Shui Rainbow Crystals

Real rainbow crystals for the home. The sunlight is broken through the polished facet surfaces in rainbow colors that dance throughout the room.

Buying rainbow crystals online

A rainbow crystal is a transparent crystal that is cut in facet shape. These are usually made from crystal glass. Rainbow crystals separate the white light into separate colors, so that you get a color spectrum or prism. This creates a colorful, magical effect in your home.

Functioning of the rainbow crystal and Feng Shui

The rainbow crystal has several cut surfaces (facet shape). When the sunlight shines on the rainbow crystal, it bends through the cut surfaces. At that moment the light beam splits into the individual rainbow colors. When this happens you see red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet in your home that move slightly.

If you want to furnish your home, office, meditation room according to the teachings of Feng Shui, you definitely need this. The most difficult and / or sharp corners can be 'broken' through them. Furthermore, the rainbow crystals improve the energy flow in your house. The teachings of Feng shui work with the principle of life energy or chi, which is certainly welcome in your home.

Where to attach the rainbow crystals to?

It is best to hang rainbow crystals at the windows. You can choose whether you hang one or more, whether or not of the same size. You can also hang them in places where there are energy blocks to remove those. As soon as there are rainbow crystals, the chi starts flowing again. It is best to hang the crystals with nylon thread or fishing thread.

Different types of rainbow crystals and dimensions

We offer different shapes, colors and sizes. Both the loose rainbow crystals such as spheres, leaf shape, droplet, cone, … as well as Feng Shui crystal products such as the chakra crystals, Feng Shui Vajra protective decoration pendant, Feng Shui Flower of Life window decoration, pyramids, etc.

Home and Living at De Goudsbloem

With us you will find countless items to beautifully decorate your home, meditation room or yoga studio. Such as our Candles and candle holders, Salt Crystal lamps and Gemstone lamps that also create a beautiful light in your home. We have Banners and Thangkas for your wall decoration. You can decorate your windows with our window stickers. At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find something to embellish your home.

Banners, beach towels and thangkas

Banners and thangkas are wall decorations. These are usually handmade with detailed decorations such as a Buddha, Chakras, Symbols etc ...

Buying banners, beach towels and thangkas

Banners and thangkas are wall decorations. These are usually handmade with detailed decorations such as a Buddha, Chakras, Symbols etc …

What to do with a Banner or Thangka?

You can decorate the interior of your home with it. They also have another function. They have a spiritual meaning and are used during meditation or rituals. Many people hang them in their meditation room or in their yoga studio.

A Thangka is a Buddhist tapestry and generally depicts important events in Buddhism. At De Goudsbloem you will find various reproductions such as Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, White Tara, … All of them beautiful decorations for your wall.

Beach towels

These beautiful beach towels are made from cotton with nice images such as, mandalas, flower of life, chakras, Ohm and Tree of life. Can be used as a beach towel or picnic blanket. You can buy the beach towels at De Goudsbloem at the best price.

Home and Living at De Goudsbloem

With our beautiful collection of banners and thangkas you are able to give your home or meditation room a wonderful look. Be creative with the products from our Home and Living section. Other popular products are the statues, candles and candle holders and Feng Shui products such as rainbow crystals, wind chimes and crystal products.

For atmosphere and decoration you are certainly in the right place at De Goudsbloem with very good prices

Feng Shui crystal products

Beautiful feng shui crystal products such as crystal pendants with Tree of LIfe, Flower of Life, Ohm. Hearts, Glass Spheres and Pyramids

Feng Shui crystal products

Feng Shui is a more than 3000 year old and complex Chinese philosophy. Feng Shui literally means wind and water. Feng Shui teaches us how to create harmony in the most important habitats and how environmental factors influence our well-being and how we can convert negative influences into positive influences. The goal of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious flow of Chi (life energy) in our living and working environment.

In the Feng Shui everything revolves around balance and harmony between the complementary forces Yin and yang, male and female.

This can be achieved through colors and shapes that are in balance with each other as well as through the use of rainbow crystalswind chimes, etc

Feng Shui products

In this category you will find wind organs, wind chimes, wind bells, feng shui frogs, bagua mirrors, ...

Buying Feng Shui products

A very special collection of venerable Feng-Shui energy enhancers, with special effects in harmonising your living environment.These products are applied in the age-old art of Feng-Shui (literally: Wind & Water), which is aimed at creating a sound balance between yin & yang, the female, passive and the male active, at all levels. This way, we are able to activate the blessed effects of light, wind & water into our homes, gardens and workplaces. This will result in a pleasant living environment, in which we can feel relaxed and well in all circumstances.

Crystal salt lamps and Gemstone lamps

Salt crystal lamps give a special atmosphere to the living environment. The subtle vibration of the salt crystals creates a pleasant atmosphere and the diffuse light provides harmonic stillness.

Buying salt crystal lamps and gemstone lamps

Salt crystal lamps and gemstone lamps provide a unique atmosphere in the home. They are wonderful illuminators during the dark winter months and radiate a positive energy.

The Saltstone

Salt stone is mined in the Pakistani Himalayas. There are different colors of salt stone, white, pink and orange. The salt crystal stone contains a high sodium chloride level. The mining is done by means of laser technology to split the large plates. The larger pieces are used for the manufacture of salt crystal lamps.

Other products made from salt stone are: Himalayan salt, baking trays, sauna plates, bath products.

Function of salt crystal lamps

The heat in the salt lamp causes the distribution of negative ions (electrically charged molecules). There are both negative and positive ions. The positive ions mainly come from electrical equipment, such as a microwave, hairdryer, TV, computer, vacuum cleaner, etc. Due to an excess of positive ions in your home, these can affect health.

The salt lamp works to neutralize those positive ions by emitting negative ions. As a result, the neutralized particles become heavy and eventually fall apart.

Salt lamps are not only an asset for at home or work, but they also improve health and well-being through the cleaner air one breathes.

– is a natural air purifier (ionizer)

– balances the humidity in a room

– gives a warm glow and positive atmosphere to a room

– promotes good sleep

– ensures better Feng-Shui at a computer or in work, living or sleeping areas.

For a cheap and easy way to improve the health of the whole family: try a salt lamp!

Function of Gemstone lamps

Gemstone lamps give your home a unique atmosphere. The subtle vibration of the gems or the salt crystal create a pleasant atmosphere and the diffuse light provides harmonic tranquility.

The gems give a subtle vibration and a pleasant atmosphere. For a higher vibration or to balance the Feng Shui, use a gemstone lamp. Is also very good for the children’s room.

Function of Selenite lamps

Selenite is a very spiritual stone that has a protective, relaxing and insightful effect. Selenite stone also promotes balance, calm and peace in both yourself and in your environment.

Selenite is also seen as the stone to make direct contact with the angels and guides.

Use a selenite lamp during your meditation to gain better insights and make the right decisions.

The selenite crystals are associated with the sixth chakra (the Third Eye) and the seventh chakra on the crown

Salt crystal lamps – Gemstone lamps – Selenite lamps

At De Goudsbloem you will find these lamps in different sizes and colors. We offer you both the lamps and the candle holders. Also take a look at our candles and tealights.

For lamps with a USB cable you can order Adapter 5 Volt for USB cable LED salt lamps. Then you can also connect these lights to the socket.

Indoor fountains
Decorative tabletop fountains for indoor use, that simulates the soothing sounds of nature in your living space. The fountain's waterflow increases the Feng Shui in your living space. Popular for both in the office and at home.
Small furniture

Typical wooden furniture from Tibet, handmade and hand painted.

Decorated treasure boxes in various models, a magnificent meditation table, an altar cupboard and a home altar covered with various metals.

Buying small furniture and decorations online

Exceptional wooden furniture from Tibet, India and Nepal, hand-crafted and hand-painted.


The altars at De Goudsbloem are unique pieces that are handmade and hand-painted in Nepal. You can always place a house altar in your meditation room, for example you can put a Buddha statue, Ganesha or Shiva in it.

Tibetan Treasure Chests

Hand-painted and artisanal treasure chests from NTibet. Are you looking for something unique for your jewelry? At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find what you are looking for. Treasure chests with infinite knot and floral motif made by Tibetan artisans.

Wooden panels and Ohm symbol

The wooden panels and Ohm symbols are also crafted and hand-painted by the artisans, just like the Altars and Treasuries. The wooden panels are beautiful masterpieces with images of Buddha. These wooden panels certainly fit in your meditation room, healing practice, yoga studio or just as decoration in your home. Unique pieces at very reasonable prices.

Decoration items for children's room

For the children's room we have some beautiful decorative garlands with elephants and hearts. These decorative garlands are made in Nepal.

Window Stickers

Beautiful series of one- and two-sided peel & stick window & bumper art. High quality, permanent-stick artwork in beautiful translucent colours. Bumper stickers are rectangular, 1-sided, and meant for car bumpers, but of course also on other spots, like the fridge door.

Buying spiritual window stickers

At De Goudsbloem you will find an extensive range of spiritual window stickers with which you can decorate each window according to your own desire. The stickers are of very good quality with beautiful luminous transparent colors for windows and glass doors.

When the sun shines through, they bring streams of colored light into every room.

Sunlight stickers give a luminous radiance just like stained glass.

Most of our stickers have a spiritual meaning, so we offer Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Buddha, Chakra, Ohm, Angels … stickers. Something for everyone.

Enjoy the beautiful radiance of our spiritual window stickers.

Costume jewelry and tarot boxes

Jewelry boxes, torat boxes and bags to optimally store your jewelry and tarot cards.

Buying jewelry boxes – tarot boxes and jewelry bags

Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or jewelry bag. The jewelry boxes are made of wood, metal, aluminum or soapstone, the bags are velvet.

The boxes are garnished with spiritual symbols such as Ohm symbol, flower of life, tree of life, pentagram, chakras, …

Our wooden jewelry boxes – tarot boxes are engraved by hand. All boxes are lined inside to store your jewelry well.

Also have a look at our collections: bracelets, pendants and necklaces, chakra jewelry, angel jewelry.

Mini Salt Lamp orange USB + LED
This computer friendly mini mood salt lamp is very energy-friendly. It comes complete with USB cable for immediate use.
Salt Lamp
The subtle vibrations of the stones or the salt crystals create a cosy atmosphere, and the diffused light offers a harmonious serenity.
Zen Chime black
Elegance and simplicity are unified in this beautiful gem.Attention: the inside of this chime is unfinished metal.
Feng Shui Gong Chime
Harmonic, beautiful design, and modest sounding with a breeze.Diameter of the gong itself is 12 cm.
Wind chime Zen
Minimalistic designed chime for outdoors or on a window sill.Metal disc measures 12 cm in diameter.
Windchime Yin Yang five chimes
Wind chime with five chimes on a black crescent-shaped wooden frame and a wind catcher of wood with yin yang sign.