Costume jewelry and tarot boxes

Costume jewelry and tarot boxes

Jewelry boxes, torat boxes and bags to optimally store your jewelry and tarot cards.

Buying jewelry boxes – tarot boxes and jewelry bags

Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or jewelry bag. The jewelry boxes are made of wood, metal, aluminum or soapstone, the bags are velvet.

The boxes are garnished with spiritual symbols such as Ohm symbol, flower of life, tree of life, pentagram, chakras, …

Our wooden jewelry boxes – tarot boxes are engraved by hand. All boxes are lined inside to store your jewelry well.

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Tarotbox OHM soapstone
Beautifully hand carved black polished soapstone box. Inlay of the Ohm symbol in brass.
On sale!-15%
Jewel box Ohm 2 pieces
Price per piece : 5,53 €
Suitable for storing jewelery, keys or other small things.Padded on the inside.