Candle holders - Tealight holders and Candle displays

Candle holders - Tealight holders and Candle displays

Buying Candle Holders and Tealight Holders

At De Goudsbloem we have an extensive range of Candle Holders and Tealight Holders to put your tealights or candles in. For a better atmosphere in your home you have come to the right place. We offer different types and materials. Candle Holders and Tealight Holders in glass, porcelain, brass, metal, precious stones and salt stone.

You can use these mood lights to unwind after a busy day. You can also use them for special occasions. Such as a communion, wedding, birthday, etc.

De Goudsbloem has different models. Beautiful Oriental Lanterns with the Flower of Life, Ohm Symbol, Tree of Life in different sizes. Beautiful Chakra candle holders that you can certainly use during your meditation. Monks and Buddha tealight holders provide a unique atmosphere in your spiritual space. Or a salt crystal lamp combined with a salt crystal tealight for a better atmosphere in your home. Put a selenite mood light in your room to create a peaceful, protected environment.

Mood Lights, Candlesticks and Candles at De Goudsbloem

Do you want it even cozier? Then take a look at our extensive collection of candles. Candles and candles in glass with chakra symbols, Flower of Life, Ohm, Tree of Life, Buddha, … from our own candle workshop. Or Fair Trade candles from Indonesia. For your mood lights we have tea lights with different scents.

At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find what you want.

Candleholder Mudra
A hand model holding a wax light, posing in the so-called Gyan Mudra (mental peace, heart, self-confidence, purity).Beautiful design.
Buddha with candleholder silver colored
Buddha with t-light candleholder.Buddha means “the Enlightened One”, the name that Siddharta Gautama received after he reached the Enlightenment.Siddharta Gautama was born as the son of an Indian king on the border of modern Nepal 623 years BC.
On sale!-12%
Fair Trade Sfeerlicht Bloem des Levens 2 stuks
Prijs per stuk : 6,98 €Fair Trade sfeerverlichting, geschikt voor theelichtjes en votiefkaarsjes.Voor optimale veiligheid brand je de kaars in een votiefglas.
On sale!-10%
Candle light holder Flower of Life 4 pieces
Price per piece : 4,95 €
Candle holder on feet, with flower of life symbol. Suitable for votive candles and tea lights.
Including votive glass.
Fair Trade Atmospheric lighting Flower
Fair Trade vintage look atmospheric lighting, suitable for burning tealights and votive candles. For optimal safety, burn the candle in a votive glass.