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Singing Bowls - Tuning Bars - Tingshas - Tuning Forks ...

Buying Singing Bowls – Tuning Bars – Tingshas – Tuning Forks …

It has been known for some time that sound has a healing effect on body and mind. Just think of a singing bowl session. How the peace then comes over you. How to go into deep meditation. At De Goudsbloem you will find a large selection of singing bowls.

To balance your chakras, we have chakra sound bars and chakra tuning forks of top quality.

Singing Bowls

Making singing bowls is not a simple process, that takes some time. Hammering singing bowls is a craft, an art. Each bowl has its own tone, sound and timbre. Sound has a healing effect on body and mind, which Buddhist monks have known for a long time. Singing bowls are used in both singing bowl therapy and meditation.

At De Goudsbloem all singing bowls are of high quality. All bowls unique with a beautiful timbre.

A singing bowl naturally includes a singing bowl mallet or coating stick. With us you will find them in all shapes and sizes. In order not to damage your singing bowl, we have singing bowl cushions and felt underlays.

Producing sound with a singing bowl:

Hit with a mallet

Rub with fingers

Circle with a coating stick

Rub with a bow

Water in the bowl

Spinning around on an inverted bowl

Playing the singing bowl

When the singing bowl is struck, a resonance is released from the tones. Every singing bowl has its own vibration. Your body senses this vibration and will be able to relax this way. By taking hold of the sound bowl or filling it with water, the resonances change.

Types of singing bowls

Most singing bowls come from the Himalayas, each with their unique composition of metals. These singing bowls are generally hammered singing bowls, real craftsmanship. There are also bowls with engraved images such as Buddha, White Tara, Ohm symbol, Green Tara, etc … The Zen Koan singing bowls come from Japan and are machined.

The crystal singing bowls are made from pure quartz sand, which is heated to approximately 4000 degrees. Due to this intense heating, the individual particles of the quartz sand melt and then this mass is poured into special molds.

Sound tubes

They are made of a special high-quality aluminum alloy, creating a beautiful and long-lasting tone. Carefully tuned to the right frequencies, with a great healing effect. These sound tubes are suspended from sturdy wire above a base of quality wood. The sound tubes are made of a special aluminum alloy that produces rich, clear and long-lasting tones. These are used in healing, because of the special sounds in pure frequencies.

Sound bars

The sound vibrations that these sound bars produce are rich in natural overtones, which contain a healing and harmonizing effect, and which create clarity, concentration and deep relaxation.

Sound bars or Energy Chimes are used for healing and relaxation. The incredible resonance helps in focusing attention during meditation. Also perfect for Feng Shui energy work and when balancing the chakras.

The tuning forks

Is an excellent tool for sound healing, to balance the energy field or chakras or to purify crystals. The package consists of an Ohm tuning fork, an Activator to strike the tuning fork and a manual (English). Tuning forks can be used effectively to bring the energy into the right vibration; they are often used by therapists who work with body energy, for example when balancing the chakras. The high frequency of the tuning fork works very effectively to get stuck energy flowing again, and to bring more balance to the energy centers – the chakras – in the body.

Zen Chime black
Elegance and simplicity are unified in this beautiful gem.Attention: the inside of this chime is unfinished metal.
Feng Shui Gong Chime
Harmonic, beautiful design, and modest sounding with a breeze.Diameter of the gong itself is 12 cm.
Wind chime Zen
Minimalistic designed chime for outdoors or on a window sill.Metal disc measures 12 cm in diameter.
Wind chime with five angels
This wind chime has five bells and transparent angels with golden wings. It caresses the senses!
On sale!-10%
Windmobiel witte hartjes Capiz schelp 2 stuks
Prijs per stuk : 5,29 €Vier strengen van vier schelphartjes maken nauwelijks geluid in de wind, je hoort ze fluisteren.Subtiel en elegant.
Chao Gong
Chao gong is the most famous one in our collection of Chinese traditional percussion instruments. We recommend you to also order a gong bag, for safe transportation and storage.
Wind Gong
Wind gongs are flat bronze discs, with little fundamental pitch, heavy tuned overtones, and long sustain.
Gong bag 60 cm
Our Gong Bag makes transporting your gong easy, enjoyable, and safe.
Gong bag 80 cm
Our Gong Bag makes transporting your gong easy, enjoyable, and safe.
Gong bag 90 cm
Our Gong Bag makes transporting your gong easy, enjoyable, and safe.
Gong bag 100 cm
Our Gong Bag makes transporting your gong easy, enjoyable, and safe.
Gong mallet large
Gong mallet, suitable for use with larger sized gongs (50 to 80 cms).