Wind chimes - Wind gongs - Windbells

Wind chimes - Wind gongs - Windbells

The wind makes its own music, and it plays on every movable instrument, from the drum-like sounds of shutters on the windows to the hollow sounds of glass bottles. But wind chimes are something special - a wind organ is specifically meant to be played by the wind.

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Wind chimes, wind gongs and wind bells can be found at De Goudsbloem in a large variation of these beautiful instruments, with a large variation in beautiful sounds and materials, mainly aluminum (in alloy with other metals) and bamboo wind chimes emphasize silence in strong contrast; they create a soothing atmosphere for both in and around the house. There are even outside wind chimes tuned in specific tone series or based on a medieval scale, which can create a very special atmosphere.

Origin of wind chimes – wind gongs – wind bells

Originally they are based on the reitaku, Indian wind bells that were hung on the corners of temples. In the distant past, their sounds prompted Zen master Sanghanandi to wonder: do the bells sound, or does the wind itself sound?

As inspiration for peaceful meditation or deep Zen contemplation, there is nothing comparable to the sounds of a wind chimes.

Wind chimes and Feng Shui

In the Feng Shui there are a number of guidelines for the place to hang wind chimes: the material from which they are made, the number of tubes, bars or bubbles, and the symbols in the design. Always make sure that the material and the Feng Shui element correspond to the Bagua element of the place where you want to hang it. A metal wind chimes can be placed in the west, northwest and north, while a wooden or bamboo wind chimes can best hang in the east, southeast and south of the house or space.

Zen Chime black
Elegance and simplicity are unified in this beautiful gem.Attention: the inside of this chime is unfinished metal.
Feng Shui Gong Chime
Harmonic, beautiful design, and modest sounding with a breeze.Diameter of the gong itself is 12 cm.
Wind chime Zen
Minimalistic designed chime for outdoors or on a window sill.Metal disc measures 12 cm in diameter.
Windchime Yin Yang five chimes
Wind chime with five chimes on a black crescent-shaped wooden frame and a wind catcher of wood with yin yang sign.
Wind chime with five angels
This wind chime has five bells and transparent angels with golden wings. It caresses the senses!
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Windmobiel witte hartjes Capiz schelp 2 stuks
Prijs per stuk : 5,29 €Vier strengen van vier schelphartjes maken nauwelijks geluid in de wind, je hoort ze fluisteren.Subtiel en elegant.