Drums, dorje and bell

Drums, dorje and bell

Buying Drums, Dorjes and Bells

Mystical ritual drum (Damaru)

Damaru drums are small hourglass-shaped drums. You will find this mainly on ancient temple walls in Nepal, Tibet and India. The Damaru drum is the drum that Shiva holds in one of his ten hands.

Itinerant Buddhist monks carry this drum with them.

Dorjes and Bells

Dorje (Vajra) and bells are ritual objects that are used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals such as puja.

The Dorje represents compassion, the pure male energy.

The bell symbolizes wisdom, the pure feminine energy. The use of both Dorje and Bel reminds us to combine compassion with wisdom, the insight that all phenomena are empty of inherent existence.

Mystic Ritual drum Damaru + cover
Fascinating and mystical damaru (drum), beautifully decorated with a colourful silk tassel and fringes, which looks extremely striking and produces a perfect sound. Easy to roll together to be packed in a silk brocade box for travel.
Mystic Ritual Choed Drum + yellow cover
Fascinating and mystical ritual Chod drum, beautifully decorated with colourful tassel and fringes, which produces a perfect balanced sound. Easy to roll up and store in the accompanying brocade cover. 
Bell Ohm brass
This bell can be used to mark the beginning and ending of a meditation session, or it can be used as handbell.
Dorje and Bell small
Dorje & Bell cast in bronze with beautiful detailed decorations.
Dorje and Bel medium
Dorje & Bell cast in bronze with beautiful detailed decorations.
Dorje and Bel large
Dorje & Bell cast in bronze with beautiful detailed decorations.
Bell Ganesh bronze
In several important Buddhist rituals, the Bell is part of a set, together with the Dorje. The Dorje stands for the male principle and the Bell for the female counterpart.