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Aleppo soap is made according to a more than 4000 year old recipe.

Buying Najel Aleppo Soap – Body Care Products

The Aleppo natural care products are originally from Syria. To date, they still use traditional soap making methods. The Methods used are there with respect for the environment.
In the manufacture of the Aleppo soap, use is mainly made of laurel oil and olive oil.

Aleppo 2-in-1 shampoo normal hair Organic 500 ml
This powerful 2-in-1 combination is a shampoo and conditioner in one. Made from olive oil and laurel berry oil, combined with camomile water, for a soothing shampoo and conditioner.
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Aleppo Soap with organic charcoal 100 g 3 pieces
Price per piece : 4,60 € Aleppo charcoal soap, for face, body and hair. Combines the Syrian ancestral know-how of Aleppo soap making with the virtues of organic plant charcoal, which comes from Amla, the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree.
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Najel Aleppo Honey Soap 100 g 3 pieces
Price per piece : 4,10 €
This delicately scented honey soap gently cleanses skin and envelops the body with its aromatic notes.
Najel Shea Butter with vanilla organic 150 g
This organic and fair trade Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and F.It restores elasticity and moisture to the driest of skins. Also repairs and nourishes hair tips.
Najel Three oils elixir organic 125 ml
Combining all the benefits of organic Olive Oil, Black Cumin Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Najel’s Three oils Elixir is the perfect enticement to relaxation.
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Najel Aleppo Dead Sea clay soap 100 g 3 pieces
Prix par pièce : 3,87 €
Obtained from a blend of Dead Sea clay and minerals, its exfoliating properties will regenerate and revitalise your skin from daily stress.
Najel Dead Sea clay 300 g
When used as a mask, Dead Sea Mud, a natural product from a unique saltwater lake, will bring you outstanding beneficial effects.
Najel Peeling Black Glove
This glove is commonly used in hammams, especially for soft peeling, and rubbing in of special creams.
Najel Skin care Jojoba Oil Organic 80 ml
Organic jojoba oil is a dry oil which is instantly absorbed by the skin. It protects and regenerates skin with its anti-aging care, and is also recommended for removing make-up.