Natural Body Care

Natural Body Care

Choice of deodorant, scrub soap, body milk, jojoba oil, desert date oil, hand cream, foot cream, ...

Buying Natural Body Care

At De Goudsbloem you will find natural body care from the following brands: Izylar, Pranarôm, Bach Elixir & Co., Maroma, Najel Aleppo, Holy Lama Naturals and Oleonat.

Natural body care based on vegetable ingredients, without the addition of synthetic and chemical substances. Not tested on animals.

Argan Oil 100% Organic 50 ml
Pure argan oil by Argane Izylar is a premium quality organic argan oil.Can be used for body, face and hair.
Argan Oil 100% Organic 100 ml
Pure argan oil by Argane Izylar is a premium quality organic argan oil.Can be used for body, face and hair.
Pranarôm Roller anti-mosquito body milk Organic 75 ml
Deze repulsieve bodymilk is efficiënt gedurende 7u, heeft een aangename geur en beschermt de huid tegen prikken van Europese en tropische muggen (Aedes aegypti, Culex pipiens, Anopheles gambiae). In een praktische roller die je overal mee naar toe kunt nemen. Wordt makkelijk door de huid opgenomen, heeft een niet vette textuur en is zacht voor de huid.
Pranarôm Roller insect bites soothing gel Organic 15 ml
Deze verzachtende gel kalmeert onmiddellijk de jeuk bij insectenbeten. De essentiële oliën van spijklavendel, Roomse kamille, Katrafay, akkermunt en boerenwormkruid, alsmede Calendula plantaardige olie hebben verzachtende en kalmerende eigenschappen. De gel, in de vorm van een roller, is praktisch in gebruik en gemakkelijk mee te nemen.
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Bach body lotion Vivacité vitality 200 ml
A rich moisturizing balm which will bring a pleasant, invigorating feeling to your mind, whilst leaving your skin soft and subtly scented with a positively joyful fragrance.
Eliah Sahil Body Peeling Rose Argan organic 256 gr
Organic body peeling with Himalayan salt and enriching ingredients like argan and rose. Removes dead skin cells, promotes blood circulation and cleanses the pores. Makes the skin soft, detoxifies and nourishes, making it look fresh and radiant again.
Eliah Sahil Body & Hair oil Jojoba Rose organic 100 ml
The delicate rose scent of real rose oil, ensures well-being and inner peace. Jojoba oil revitalises and regenerates even heavily stressed skin. It provides a pleasantly soft feeling to the skin. The oil is cold-pressed in a gentle way, so all active ingredients are well preserved. As a hair care oil, this oil is effective against split ends.
Eliah Sahil Body & Hair Oil Almond Sandalwood organic 100 ml
This rich cold-pressed body and hair care oil is a real treat for the skin and makes it soft and supple. The scent of sandalwood is known for its unique effect on our minds. The oil relaxes and activates at the same time, helping to increase our concentration. It inspires our imagination and stimulates us to new, creative work.
Eliah Sahil Body & Hair oil Argan organic 100 ml
Cold-pressed argan oil is one of the most valuable and richest vegetable oils in the world. It is an excellent source of vitamin E, which naturally increases the elasticity of the skin. As a hair care oil, it helps dry hair regain its suppleness and prevents split ends. 100% pure oil, organic certified.
Body & Hair oil Jojoba organic Eliah Sahil
Cold-pressed jojoba oil is the liquid gold extracted from the jojoba shrub which grows in some of the sunniest regions of the world. Jojoba oil revitalises and regenerates heavily stressed skin in a natural way. It gives your skin a pleasantly soft and velvety feel. As a hair care oil, it helps dry hair regain its suppleness and prevents split ends. 100% pure oil, organic certified.
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Aleppo Soap with organic charcoal 100 g 3 pieces
Price per piece : 4,60 € Aleppo charcoal soap, for face, body and hair. Combines the Syrian ancestral know-how of Aleppo soap making with the virtues of organic plant charcoal, which comes from Amla, the fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree.
Najel Shea Butter with vanilla organic 150 g
This organic and fair trade Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and F.It restores elasticity and moisture to the driest of skins. Also repairs and nourishes hair tips.
Holy Lama Natural Ayurvedic Travel Boon gift set 150 g
The Holy Lama Travel Boon is an introduction to four of our most popular products. Perfect for traveling, for trying out some of Holy Lama products or as a gift set.Content set30 ml Shower gel30 ml Body Lotion20 g   Yogi soap10 g   Lip balm
Najel Three oils elixir organic 125 ml
Combining all the benefits of organic Olive Oil, Black Cumin Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Najel’s Three oils Elixir is the perfect enticement to relaxation.
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Najel Aleppo Dead Sea clay soap 100 g 3 pieces
Prix par pièce : 3,87 €
Obtained from a blend of Dead Sea clay and minerals, its exfoliating properties will regenerate and revitalise your skin from daily stress.
Najel Dead Sea clay 300 g
When used as a mask, Dead Sea Mud, a natural product from a unique saltwater lake, will bring you outstanding beneficial effects.
Najel Peeling Black Glove
This glove is commonly used in hammams, especially for soft peeling, and rubbing in of special creams.
Holy Lama Naturals Body Scrub 250 g
Holy Lama Naturals Body Scrub a mix of apricot kernel oil & walnut shell powder act as excellent exfoliating agents, smoothing and moisturising your skin.
Holy Lama Naturals Face Cream
Holy Lama Naturals Ayurvedic Moisturising Face Cream is made from nourishing natural oils like Jojoba & Petitgrain Oil. It will keep your face moisturised both, day and night.
Najel Skin care Jojoba Oil Organic 80 ml
Organic jojoba oil is a dry oil which is instantly absorbed by the skin. It protects and regenerates skin with its anti-aging care, and is also recommended for removing make-up.