Wicca and Tarot

Wicca and Tarot

In our Wicca and Tarot category you will find Tarot boxes, Tarot bags, Witch cauldrons, Chalice with Pentagram, wicca symbol stones.

Buying Wicca and Tarot products

At De Goudsbloem you will find a nice range of Wicca and Tarot items. Beautifully decorated Tarot boxes in which you can store your precious belongings. Our Tarot boxes can also be used as a jewelry box. They are made of wood, carvings, aluminum and soapstone. All of them beautiful traditional works.

We also have tarot bags. Made from velvet where you can put your Wicca Symbol Stones in for example. For the true Wicca practitioner we also have a chalice with pentagram and Cauldrons, the wicca witch cauldrons.

Also take a look at our pendulums, which are certainly useful for your spiritual growth.

De Goudsbloem stands for quality at affordable prices

Amethyst Rune Oracle set in velvet bag
Runes Oracle amethyst stones are a tool for divination or meditation, or may be kept as a talisman. Amethyst is particularly suitable for connecting to your higher consciousness for an even more precise divination.
Tarotbox OHM soapstone
Beautifully hand carved black polished soapstone box. Inlay of the Ohm symbol in brass.
On sale!-15%
Jewel box Ohm 2 pieces
Price per piece : 5,53 €
Suitable for storing jewelery, keys or other small things.Padded on the inside.