Incense - white sage and charcoal

Incense - white sage and charcoal

You will find an extensive range of incense at De Goudsbloem, as well as Incense Burners, Incense Evaporators, Smudges, etc.

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Incense is a mixture of aromatics and / or herbs. These are lit for their particular odor. Many types of incense are used for specific purposes. Such as cleansing the home, for meditation, for relaxing etc …
Since ancient times, incense has been used for magic rituals.

The History of Incense

The origin of incense can be found in Africa and Asia. The Boswelia or Frankincense tree grows in these dry areas. There it was used for all kinds of ceremonies.
In Europe, incense is mainly known for its use in the churches. Only in the sixties of last century did there become more interest in incense. This is due to the growing interest in Eastern religions and cultures. Think especially of Buddhism. Incense is constantly being burned in the Buddhist temples.

Where does the word incense come from?

The original name is holy smoke and means smoke to dedicate. The incense offering, which took place many centuries ago, was meant to make the Gods happy. Furthermore, the incense was also used to remove odors from sacrificial animals or the deceased.

The Incense Ingredients

Incense is made from various scented ingredients. These can be; pine resin, spices, olibanum, essential oils, …

Use incense

Incense is mainly used for rituals and meditation. They are also used in Temples and Churches. It is also used for energetic cleaning, the cleaning of homes and smoking ceremonies.

Different varieties of incense

Incense Sticks – Incense Cones – Frankincense – Loose Frankincense Herbs – Smudges (White Sage) – Incense Grains.

Incense sticks: these are set on fire in a small bowl with sand or incense holder. You light them and then you blow them out so that the incense stick can quietly smolder. Depending on the species, they burn for 20 to 35 minutes.

Incense cones: incense cones are burned on metal or refractory stone trays. Lighting is the same as the incense sticks. The cones have a burning time of approximately 20 minutes. Their aroma is milder due to the fact that no wood is used.

Incense cubes: are burned on a special evaporator. The incense cubes gradually give off their scent due to the warmth of the tea light underneath, so no smoke or ash is released. And no poison is produced during this process.

Loose Incense: Loose incense is unprocessed. These are burned on incense burners with a sieve and charcoal. Used primarily during rituals such as wicca and shamanic rituals.

Frankincense resins: These are, as the word suggests, resins. This releases more smoke than when using the other types. You use these resins on an incense holder or incense burner with strainer. Frankincense resins are mainly used for larger spaces for incense smoke.

Types of incense at De Goudsbloem

With us you will find a large selection of incense. The best known is probably the Nag Champa incenseAgarbatti Hexagram incense are praised worldwide for their exclusive scents. You will also find the well-known Japanese Nippon Kodo with us. Fully handmade Masala incense and Ayurvedic incense. The beneficial effect of Palo Santo is limitless. The wood is considered magical, rare, sacred and unique.
For burning your loose incense and incense resins, don't forget your incense burner.

At De Goudsbloem you will certainly find the incense you want.


Agarbatti hexagram incense

GR International incense are praised worldwide for their exclusive fragrances, an unbeatable series for every mood, and their high quality of manufacture. A treat when it comes to exotic aromas for those who want something special to pamper their senses.

Buying Agarbatti Incense

Each stick is manually rolled and carefully packaged in beautiful boxes or rolls, so that they are also beautiful gifts. Because GR International themselves know aromatherapy, they are everything you need for this. Just try the entire series and create a heavenly atmosphere around you!

Archangels incense

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Archangels incense is being developed with a few families from India. This Archangels incense is made with 100% natural raw materials and are made by hand. Burning this incense gives peace and serenity because they are made in peaceful and calm working conditions.
Tibetan incense

Buying Tibetan Incense

The Tibetan incense has its origins in the Himalayas. It is a traditional herbal incense made according to the basic rules of Tibetan medicine. Is part of the five elements. This incense is mainly used in Tibetan Buddhism. Incense is very important within the Tibetan community. You can find this incense not only in Tibet but also in Nepal, India and Bhutan. The Tibetan incense sticks are used for meditation, sacrificial services and purification rituals.

Meditation, cleansing rituals, ceremony

In Tibetan Buddhism you can find the description of this special herbal incense in the book The Four Tantras. During the burning of incense in Tibetan Monasteries, four sangkangs were placed. This in the four main directions and incense was spread continuously.

You can use this incense in your meditation or to purify your home,

Craft and handmade incense

All ingredients of Tibetan incense such as, leaves, flowers, roots and herbs come from the Himalayas. These ingredients are then processed into incense sticks and incense powder.

Use Tibetan incense

Like the Japanese incense, the Tibetan incense sticks do not contain a bamboo stick. At the incense sticks there is a stone to place it in. You can also use our brass incense burners with grid to straighten the sticks. You burn the Tibetan incense powders in an incense holder for loose incense.

Backflow incense cones

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The Backflow incense is gaining popularity. The incense refers to the incense burner where the smoke flows back into the incense cone. The smoke that arises when burning the cones does not go up like the regular incense cones, but descends slowly. This creates a waterfall effect.

The Backflow burner needs Backflow incense cones

Only the Backflow incense cones can be used to burn incense cones in the Backflow burner. These cones ensure that the incense descends and does not rise. These cones are hollow on the inside and as the cone is smoldering, the smoke goes into the cavity.
Aromafume incense bricks

We are happy to introduce you to a new form of incense burning, with our pure and natural Aromafume Incense Bricks. The most effective way to spread scents in the purest form is currently realized with incense cubes. We recommend that you use an Exotic Incense Diffuser for the very best effect.

Buy AromaFume Incense Cubes

Various natural ingredients, non-toxic and less smoke!
Each incense cube is rich in a variety of natural ingredients, including fragrant woods, exotic flowers, natural bark, tree extracts, resins, leaves and flowers. The fragrance oils used in the production of incense cubes are 100% in accordance with the regulations of the IFRA, with responsible sources at all times.

How do you burn the Aromafume incense cubes?

Place one incense cube on the copper plate of the Exotic Incense Diffuser, and let the candle burn for 45 minutes to an hour. This diffuser is specially designed to reach the right temperature for the right scent diffusion.
The incense cubes gradually release their scent due to the heat of the tea light underneath, so no smoke or ash is released. And no toxins are produced during this process either. What remains is a dry block, which can be thrown away with the biological waste.
Incense Palo Santo

The beneficial effect of Palo Santo is limitless. The wood is considered magical, rare, sacred and unique. This scented type of wood is spiritually highly regarded by shamans and healers and has been used for thousands of years for ritual blessings and for purification purposes by the indigenous people of South America. Palo Santo is also very popular in Europe.

Buying Palo Santo Online

Palo Santo comes from South America and comes from the Bursera Graveolens tree. The sticks, granules and chips are 100% safely harvested without any damage to living trees. We only offer products that were obtained from fallen branches in the forests of Ecuador.

The working of Palo Santo

Palo Santo has been given a special effect for centuries. Palo Santo is called “cleansing wood” or “Holy Wood”. Was already known to the Aztecs as Copalcoahuitl. For the Indians from Peru it is 'Sacred Wood'. Used for magic and religious rituals. Evil spirits abhor the smell and are driven away with it. Purifies the air, creates peace and harmony, gives an optimal basic attitude. Excellent incense with annoyance and effort.

Use of Palo Santo

Suitable for burning on charcoal and on the special sieve incense burners that are available separately. The combustion process is somewhat slower on these screen burners than on charcoal. You can easily mix the incense with other types if you use a larger sieve burner.

Light one end of the stick, let it burn for a few seconds, and then blow out the flame. Let it glow further and blow the smoke over your body or the objects that you want to ritually clean, such as a room, your entire house or car. Palo Santo gives a light, sweet scent that resembles Frankincense or Neroli incense. Most people can feel the beneficial cleansing effects immediately.

Charcoal briquettes and Incense burners

Charcoal Golden Temple. Charcoal burners. Brass incense burners, incense accessories such as brushes, tongs, sand. Stainless steel sieves

Herbal incense bambooless

Herbal incense without bamboo + Holder

This herbal incense does not contain a bamboo stick. Comes with incense holder. Choose from different scents.
Masala and ayurvedic incense

Choose from Goloka incense, Ayurvedic and Masala Ayurvedic incense.

Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Buying Ayurvedic and Masala incense

Goloka incense

Goloka Seva Trust is a non-profit organization from Bangalore, India. They support charities. They work for disadvantaged children, educate women, support unmediated students and provide work for the less fortunate.

Masala Ayurvedic incense

The Masala Ayurvedic incense are first-class incense sticks. They are unique mixtures of herbs, blossoms, honey, resins and essential oils. The Masala incense is free of toxic substances.

All our Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Enjoy this pure incense!

Nippon Kodo Japanese incense

Nippon Kodo was founded in America in 1965 and has become the largest exporter of Japanese incense worldwide. The most popular series is the Morningstar. Each box has a small ceramic stone where the stick is placed. The incense does not contain a stick, and is very pure. The burning time of a stick is approximately 25 minutes. These incense make little smoke and are very pure and pleasant in smell.

Incense Satya Sai Baba & Nag Champa

This Ayurvedic incense is handmade from all-natural raw materials, including sandalwood, camphor and various herbs from the Himalayas.

Buying Nag Champa Incense and Satya Sai Baba

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the producer of Satya incense. Upon hearing the name Satya, people immediately think of the Satya “Sai Baba Nag Champa.”
Nag Champa is a tropical flower with an intoxicating sweet scent. This incense is very popular in the Sai Baba Ashram in India.

The Nag Champa incense is mainly used during meditation and purification rituals.

Marco Polo's Treasures incense

Marco Polo's Treasures is a line of handmade, truly natural and pure incense, raw materials controlled by ECOCERT France.

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The most important ingredients of our incense come from the pristine Indian jungle, while the resins come from the dry and desert areas of India, Arabia and Africa, collected by nomadic tribes.

Our sticks are used for purification, alignment with our primal experiences, with our memories. They are an excellent tool for overcoming the space-time barrier, albeit for a short time.

Incense has always been used for prayer, yoga, meditation, all kinds of religious rituals and true, purification. An incense stick is a tool that helps us connect with our ego, with our divinity, it is a thought towards our loved ones, it is an offer to God. It is accompanied by an important moment of our experience and for this it must be absolutely pure.

Resins and herbs incense

At De Goudsbloem you will find a large assortment of  resins incense, herbs incense, woody incense, granulate incense and charcoal. We have both small packages and the discount packages of 500 gr.

Buying Resins and herbs incense

These resins and herbs incenses are derived directly from plants, and have not been otherwise treated than granulated and processed to make it better usable. These kinds of incense are burnt on a charcoal base, and it is one of the oldest and best ways of burning incense. Burning incense is a ritual, causing an energetic cleaning process of the environment, but of negativity as well. Of old, incense ceremonies have been performed as a way of favouring bad spirits and eliminating obstacles. Vanishing into smoke, as we say. Actually, incense rituals have been rediscovered of last; many people have incense in their homes, and a lot of people favour these resin incenses very much.

Incense resin & herbs incenses burn very well on our charcoal. Please dose the incense, so there will not be a sudden release of too much scent. Use a pair of charcoal tongs to light the charcoal, and use a pair of incense tongs to put the resin incense and woody incenses on top of the charcoal.

Incense holders and incense burners

Incense burners and incense holders

You need an incense holder to use your incense. It is also the safest way to burn incense. There are different types in the materials, soapstone, wood, brass and terracotta. At De Goudsbloem you will find a large assortment of incense holders and incense burners.
Incense Cones

Buy Incense Cones

Incense cones are small pyramids of scented granules or powder. They do not contain wood as a fuel, unlike incense sticks.

White Sage clusters and Smudges

Buying White Sage clusters and Smudges

About our White Sage smudges: Smudge Sticks or Smudge Bundles are all-natural ceremonial incenses, traditionally burned in Native American rituals such as sweat lodges. Increasingly, doctors, therapists, and body workers are discovering the beneficial aspects of these herbs. Smudge Bundles are one of the means by which people around the globe are reconnecting with the power of Mother Nature.

The use of plant and resin smoke possibly evolved out of the primordial campfires from distant caves. The ceremony of cleansing people, places and objects through smoke is continued today. Not only good for keeping pesky flying insects away, but certain plant smokes (smudges) could preserve food and hides. Some smudges could also impart protection from unseen spirits and thoughts. To apply the protective cleansing power of a smudge a leaf or resin was heated to make smoke that was brushed over the person or object often with a feather fan. Some plant smokes had specific healing properties while others more generic powers.

The smudge smoke is made either by spreading dry herbs on hot coals or hot rocks or igniting dry herbs in a clay bowl or shell. White Sage is burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, negative feelings or influences. The leaves are valued for their aromatic properties and are used as a natural moth repellent (in clothing) or mosquitos (in a room).

White Sage can be used in numerous ways.

Native Americans of the Plains Nations cover the floor of their sweat lodges with sage. They will also breathe through a small bundle of sage and at times rub the bundle on their bodies while in the sweat lodge. White Sage makes the bad spirits sick, they claim. They go away from it when it is burned. It does not make the good spirits sick. They will not leave when it is smoked. Good spirits like White Sage.

Backflow incense burner Lotus hand
Backflow incense burner Lotus hand. The smoke does not rise up, but flows down, like a waterfall. Creates a beautiful serene effect.
Backflow incence burner Lotus
Backflow incense burner Lotus. The smoke does not rise up, but flows down, like a waterfall. Creates a beautiful serene effect.
Backflow incence burner Buddha
Backflow incense burner with Buddha. The smoke does not rise up, but flows down, like a waterfall. Creates a beautiful serene effect.
Nag Champa backflow incence cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.
Comes per 6 packs, 24 cones each.
Palo Santo backflow incence cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.Comes per 6 packs, 24 cones each.
Sandalwood backflow incense cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.
White sage backflow incense cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.Comes per 6 packs, 24 cones each.