Masala and ayurvedic incense

Masala and ayurvedic incense

Choose from Goloka incense, Ayurvedic and Masala Ayurvedic incense.

Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Buying Ayurvedic and Masala incense

Goloka incense

Goloka Seva Trust is a non-profit organization from Bangalore, India. They support charities. They work for disadvantaged children, educate women, support unmediated students and provide work for the less fortunate.

Masala Ayurvedic incense

The Masala Ayurvedic incense are first-class incense sticks. They are unique mixtures of herbs, blossoms, honey, resins and essential oils. The Masala incense is free of toxic substances.

All our Ayurvedic incense sticks are a blessing for body and soul.

Enjoy this pure incense!

Incense Goloka Chandan 12 pieces
Goloka chandan masala incense sticks are prepared using sandal oil & special sandal powder and offers cooling and mild sandal fragrance.
Native spirits incense dreamcatcher vetiver 12 packs
Dreamcatcher - protectionNative Americans believe that the night air is filled with both good and bad dreams. According to Native American culture, when hung over your bed, dreamcatchers catch dreams. The good dreams know how to pass through. While bad dreams do not know the way, getting tangled in the web. After the bad dreams get tangles, they disappear with the first light of the new day. Dreamcatchers are idealised to catch harm lingering in the room. Hence, the dreamcatcher is believed to be a protection talisman.
Native spirits incense shaman lavender packs
Shaman - VisionThe Shaman is a Spiritual Healer. He or she can connect to the higher worlds and communicate with the protective Spirits. Seek a Shaman's help and vision when you need blessings to heal your body, mind and soul.
Native spirits incense kokopelli rose 12 packs
Kokopelli - CreativityConnect to the spirit of Kokopelli when you seek creativity. He is the Spirit of Music. Symbol of fertiliy, he will inspire and guide you into a world of beauty and wellness, bringing a feeling of wellbeing to body, mind and soul.
Native spirits incense medicine wheel musk 12 packs
Medicine Wheel - Circle of LifeIn Native American belief, the Medicine Wheel is the sacred circle of life. Separated into four sections, it represents the four elements, four directions, and four seasons. It includes also the animal spirits, representing the wholeness of native traditions.
Native spirits incense moon jasmine 12 packs
Moon - GuidanceConnect to the Moon Spirit when you seek guidance. She is the guardian and protector bringing serenity. Native Americans know twelve moons; one moon for each month, that connects you to the circle of life. The Moon's Spirit is watching over you, keeping you safe.
Native spirits incense sun ylang ylang 12 packs
Sun - AbundanceConnect to the Sun's Spirit when you seek healing and peace. The generosity of the Sun is endless abundance. He is the source, the Guiding Light showing your path to success, growth and life balance.