Crystal salt lights

Crystal salt lights

Buying salt crystal lights

Salt crystal lamps and gemstone lamps provide a unique atmosphere in the home. They are wonderful illuminators during the dark winter months and radiate a positive energy.

The Saltstone

Salt stone is mined in the Pakistani Himalayas. There are different colors of salt stone, white, pink and orange. The salt crystal stone contains a high sodium chloride level. The mining is done by means of laser technology to split the large plates. The larger pieces are used for the manufacture of salt crystal lamps.

Other products made from salt stone are: Himalayan salt, baking trays, sauna plates, bath products.

Function of salt crystal lamps

The heat in the salt lamp causes the distribution of negative ions (electrically charged molecules). There are both negative and positive ions. The positive ions mainly come from electrical equipment, such as a microwave, hairdryer, TV, computer, vacuum cleaner, etc. Due to an excess of positive ions in your home, these can affect health.

The salt lamp works to neutralize those positive ions by emitting negative ions. As a result, the neutralized particles become heavy and eventually fall apart.

Salt lamps are not only an asset for at home or work, but they also improve health and well-being through the cleaner air one breathes.

– is a natural air purifier (ionizer)

– balances the humidity in a room

– gives a warm glow and positive atmosphere to a room

– promotes good sleep

– ensures better Feng-Shui at a computer or in work, living or sleeping areas.

For a cheap and easy way to improve the health of the whole family: try a salt lamp!

Crystal salt candle holder 2 tea lights
Crystal salt candle light holder for two tea lights. Shines a warm light and improves a healthy atmosphere in your living or workspace.
Crystal salt lamp
This crystal salt lamp creates a pure and pleasant room atmosphere.
Crystal salt lamp
This crystal salt lamp creates a pure and pleasant room atmosphere.
Crystal salt tea light holder cube grey
Shines a warm light and increases a healthy atmosphere in your living or workspace. 

The colour of these mood lights can be brighter or darker than the pictures show, since salt crystals are natural products that have not been coloured artificially. 
Crystal salt lamp drop shaped
This crystal salt lamp creates a pure and pleasant room atmosphere. The diffused light gives a warm glow and harmonious feel.