Gemstones hearts polished

Gemstones hearts polished

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Gemstone hearts are natural stones cut in heart shape. A combination of the properties of the stone with the power of the love symbol. A gemstone heart can help you connect for certain wishes and intentions that come from the heart.

You can also give a gemstone heart as a gift. Give it to someone close to your heart.
You give someone a gemstone heart as a gift as appreciation, respect, admiration, love and as a power stone or for support. Gemstone hearts have a beneficial effect and give strength to the person who wears these hearts. The type of mineral determines the other effects.

At De Goudsbloem you will find the following hearts:

Gemstone hearts
Gemstone heart pendants
Gemstone heart pendants on wax cord
Partner hearts

Selenite angel heart
Selenite angel heart, comes in a bag with product description. Heart is approx. 5-7 cm.
Tiger eye gemstone heart 45 mm
Gemstone heart of the gemstone Tiger Eye of 45 mm. It is a natural product and can therefore differ from the photo.
Agate gemstone heart 45 mm
Gemstone heart of 45 mm wide in the semi-precious stone Agate in natural colors. Pay attention! The stone may differ from the photo.
Partner heart Amethyst
Partner heart Amethyst, ideal gift for a loved one. Comes in a gift box.