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Powerbead bracelets

At De Goudsbloem we have a very nice series of powerbead bracelets on a card. These bracelets are often worn by monks in Asian countries and also by the Dalai Lama. The monks count their prayers by the beads and believe in the powers of the gems. The bracelets consist of round cut gemstone beads and fit almost any wrist. You can endlessly combine with the various powerbead bracelets.

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Turquoise powerbead card colored
Turquoise (colored) powerbead bracelet with a display card. 8 mm beads strung on elastic. This bracelet is based on a white Magnesite.
Chakra powerbead men card 21 cm
Chakra powerbead bracelet for men in XL size with 10 mm beads! This bracelet is 21 cm long and comes on a handy display card.