Raw Gemstones and Minerals K-Q

Raw Gemstones and Minerals K-Q

Buy raw gemstones and minerals
Raw minerals and gemstones are natural stones in their original state and have not been processed. These are found all over the world such as in rocks, mountains, caves or other rocks and are often millions of years old. Raw gemstones are usually unprocessed. Since these gemstones and minerals have not been processed, they retain their original energy.

In this category you will find the following raw minerals:

Lapis Lazuli
lavender quartz
Lemurian crystal
moonstone rainbow
Mary glass
Merlin's Scepter Quartz
moqui marble
pyrite zone

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Larimar disc No. 8
Larimar slice of 46 grams, 7 x 3.5 cm and 1 cm thick. The photo was taken with a water on the stone, the stone is cut, unpolished.
Kyanite on metal stand
Kyanite on metal stand, approx. 8 to 12 cm high, weight approx. 100 grams.
Pyrite and Tourmaline on matrix No. 4
Pyrite and Tourmaline on matrix. There is still a beautiful shiny mineral in it that we do not know what it is. It is 980 grams and 11 x 8 x 7 cm
Opal rough Australia No. 2
Rough piece of Opal, found in Australia. The dimensions of this opal are 120 x 90 x 70 mm and 630 grams.
Pyritezone A.
Pyrite suns from 7 to 11 cm, A quality, beautiful gold color and special flat habit.
Pyrietzone B.
Pyrite suns from 7 to 10 cm, B quality, less shine and sometimes a bit off.
Copper box
Box with a piece of copper of approx. 4 cm.
Box of Pyrite
Raw piece of Pyrite packed in a handy box of 5x5 cm.
Doosje Maansteen oranje
Ruw stukje oranje Maansteen (perzik Maansteen) verpakt in een handig doosje van 5x5 cm.
Box Opal green
Box containing a rough green Opal of approx. 4 cm.
Box of Lapis Lazuli
Box containing a rough piece of Lapis Lazuli of approx. 4 cm.
Lavender quartz rough 300 gr. chunks
300 grams of rough chunks of the semi-precious stone Lavender quartz. Chunks of approx. 2-5 cm. Approx. 2-3 chunks in 300 grams.