Afghanite - Clarity and Tranquility

Afghanite - Clarity and Tranquility

Is a feldspar in the colors light blue to royal blue

How Afghanite works

Afghanite promotes wisdom, communication, concentration, clarity and calmness. The stone can give you an overview and help you to feel where any problems or points of attention lie in groups. Afghanite has a positive effect on the neck, head, throat, brain, eyes, ears, teeth and jaw. Afghanite can help you receive messages from guides, angels, deceased, nature beings and other light beings.


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Throat chakra (5th) and forehead chakra (6th)

Zodiac sign



Afghanite should not be cleaned too much with water.

Afghanite tumbled stones 3 pcs. approx. 35 mm
Afghanite is a unique stone that combines deep blue tones with pyrite inclusions, resulting in an enchanting appearance. These stones are not only visually impressive but also powerful companions on your journey to spiritual enlightenment and inner strength.
Afghanite 250 gr Tumbled stones (size3)
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Discover the mystical energy of Afghanite Tumbled Stones - a journey into profound spiritual connection and strength! Our carefully selected Afghanite stones are precision-tumbled, allowing their natural beauty and energetic properties to fully shine.
Afghanite 500 gr. Tumbled stones (size3)
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Use Afghanite Tumbled Stones during meditation to experience a deeper spiritual connection and enhance your intuition. Place them in different spaces in your home to create an energetically balanced atmosphere. Carry them as a daily companion to keep the protective and strengthening energy of Afghanite always with you.