Agate - Gemstones and Minerals


The mineral Agate can be white, grayish, blue, reddish and various shades of brown with narrow bands of different colors. Depending on the color and bands, different varieties can be distinguished such as: Agate tree, Agate Botswana, Agate crazy lace, Agate moss, Agate turritella and Agate fire. The stone is slightly translucent and has a matte to satin sheen.
Agate is best known for its grounding, stabilizing and protective properties. He provides more inner peace. The agate stone helps you with your spiritual and spiritual growth. The stone encourages self-reflection, helps you to distance yourself and helps you view everything more objectively. It protects the Aura and brings balance to body, mind and soul. It will help you find practical solutions as it promotes rational and logical thinking and will improve your concentration.

You can carry agate with you during pregnancy. He works protectively for both mother and child. The mineral agate has a positive effect on the genitals. Has a positive effect on the stomach, bladder, blood vessels and eyes. Stimulates the metabolism.

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Schedel Agaat gekristalliseerd nr.3
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Schedel van de half-edelsteen gekristalliseerde Agaat. Afmetingen 75x105x70 mm en gewicht 860 gram. Mooi opengewerkt vanaf de neus naar de bovenkant.