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Agate moss pocket stone

Pocket stone Agate moss ca. 4cm. Moss Agate is a strong grounding stone and stimulates growth in all respects. Plants and animals can also enjoy the vigor of moss agate.

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Buy Agate moss pocket stone

Pocket stone Agate moss ca 4 cm

Discover the Enchanting Power of Moss Agate Pocket Stones - Natural Harmony in Your Hand

Moss Agate pocket stones are exquisite companions for those seeking inner peace, balance, and harmony. These natural stones, with their unique blend of green hues and delicate moss-like patterns, radiate a calming energy that helps you connect with the tranquility of nature.

With their smooth, polished surfaces, Moss Agate pocket stones feel delightful in the palm of your hand. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve as powerful tools for absorbing negative energy and promoting positive vibrations.

Moss Agate is renowned for its ability to restore emotional balance and reduce stress. By carrying these pocket stones with you, you can surround yourself with an aura of calmness and serenity, even during the most challenging times.

These versatile stones are perfect for meditation, energy work, and fostering inner growth. They assist you in connecting with your intuition and exploring deeper spiritual levels. With Moss Agate pocket stones in your possession, you always have a gateway to the healing power of Mother Earth.

Whether you're an experienced crystal user or new to the world of gemstones, Moss Agate pocket stones are a valuable addition to your collection. Place them in your pocket, bag, or create a special space in your home for their presence and enjoy the harmony they bring.

Choose Moss Agate pocket stones today and embrace the enchanting power of these natural treasures. Experience the harmony and balance made possible by these beautiful crystals.

How Moss agate works

Moss agate is, as the name suggests, very connected to Mother Earth. Moss Agate is a strong grounding stone and stimulates growth in all respects. Plants and animals can also enjoy the vigor of moss agate. The stone is green in color and a cooling, calming and stimulating stone. Moss agate works well against stress and helps you let go of worries. It can strengthen the immune system and reduces stress-related complaints. This crystal can help with the flu and moss agate has a positive effect on the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Moss Agate is a great crystal for humans, animals and plants.


It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed. While we try to share vital information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to exclude medical attention. On the contrary! In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!

Order directly online

Does this pocket stone Agate Moss fit perfectly with your outfit and do you need to be better grounded and let go that Moss agate has to offer you? Order the pocket stone directly online and experience for yourself how the power of the stone offers you extra support.


Crown chakra (7th), heart chakra (4th) and throat chakra (5th)

Zodiac sign

Capricorn (December 22 to February 20), Taurus (April 21 to May 21) and Virgo (August 24 to September 23)


Moss agate can be cleaned and charged in all ways.

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