Agaat boom fantasy armband
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Agate tree fantasy bracelet

Fantasy bracelet Agate tree

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The workings of Tree agate fantasy bracelet

Agate tree gives strength, self-confidence, perseverance and makes steadfast. He purifies the energy field and promotes your insight into the positive and negative experiences. Balances polarities and helps to find balance and wisdom in the face of indecisiveness.

Agate tree works well against bacterial infections and strengthens the immune system. The stone helps you overcome addiction and/or self-destructive behaviors that stem from the fear of not being good enough. Guilt, resentment, shame and jealousy are also easier to face with the help of this stone and thus overcome and forgive. Helps against back problems that arise from confrontation avoidance behavior.

Using Tree agate

Tree agate has many applications. For example, you can use Agate Tree as a pocket stone, in gemstone water or wear it on the skin in a piece of jewelry. Of course you can also place it in a relevant place, such as your living room or bathroom. Agate is also sometimes processed in oil and then helps well against scar formation and accelerates the healing of wounds.

Agate Colored is also ideally suited for Crystal Grids or to carry with you or to meditate with. A crystal grid? What is that? A grid is a grid in which crystals are carefully placed in a specific place. You usually place a grid in or around your house to protect the house from negative energy, to keep spaces clean or to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.


It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed. While we try to share essential information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to exclude medical attention. On the contrary! In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!

Order directly online

Does this fantasy bracelet boom agate fit perfectly with your jewelry collection or do you need self-confidence and the strength that the boom agate has to offer? Order the bracelet directly online and experience for yourself how the power of the stone offers you extra support.


Base Chakra (1st) - Muladhara, Heart Chakra (4th) - Anahata

Zodiac sign

Virgo (August 24 to September 23)


Tree agate can be cleaned and charged in all ways.

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Fantasy armband Agaat boom
Agaat boom geeft kracht
doorzettingsvermogen en maakt standvastig. Hij zuivert het energieveld en bevorderd je
doorzettingsvermogen en maakt standvastig. Hij zuivert het energieveld en bevorderd je inzicht in de positieve en negatieve ervaringen. Geeft evenwicht tussen polariteiten en helpt om balans en wijsheid te vinden t
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