Amazonite - Intuition and Inner Knowing

Amazonite - Intuition and Inner Knowing

Amazonite is light blue to blue, teal to green.

How Amazonite works

Amazonite does not only absorbs radiation from telephone or WiFi, but also filters the information you take in. With an Amazonite, your intuition and your inner knowing are connected. In addition, the stone helps you to solve energetic blockages. But that's not all. In this way, Amazonite makes you curious and eager to learn and gives you an overview. She helps you look at a problem from different points of view. She also helps you take immediate action so that you can take the right steps to step out of a situation and manifest things the way you want them to be. In addition, the stone is known for its rejuvenating and regenerative effect and can even bring renewal to a cellular level.

Amazonite (also called Amazon stone) is a gemstone that brings balance and balance. Amazonite gives harmony within yourself and between people. Very suitable for use in conflict resolution. Amazonite helps you to face your own truth and to put your words into action. The stone helps you to overcome fear of confrontations and judgments and balances mood swings, sadness, fear and trauma.

Use of Amazonite

Amazonite has many applications. For example, you can use amazonite as a pocket stone, in gemstone water or wear it on the skin in a piece of jewelry. Of course you can also place it in a relevant place, such as your living room or bathroom.

Amazonite is also ideally suited for Crystal Grids or to carry with you or to meditate with. A crystal grid? What is that? A grid is a grid in which crystals are carefully placed in a specific place. You usually place a grid in or around your house to protect the house from negative energy, to keep spaces clean or to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.


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Heart chakra (4th), throat chakra (5th) and third eye chakra (6th)

Zodiac sign

Aquarius (January 21 to February 17), Virgo (August 24 to September 23)


Amazonite should not be cleaned too much with water.

Amazonite 100 gr. tumbled stones mt3
Our carefully selected Amazonite Tumbled Stones are not only visually appealing but also carry the refreshing energy of Amazonite. The smooth, tumbled finish not only makes them aesthetically pleasing but also suitable for meditation and spiritual growth.
Amazonite AA split bracelet
Amazonite AA split bracelet. Beautiful split bracelet of Amazonite in AA quality. The bracelet is 18 - 19 cm long and is strung on elastic. The Amazonite split stones are approx. 1 – 1.5 cm.
Gemstone sphere Amazonite 65-70 mm
Beautiful gemstone sphere of Amazonite. The polished Amazonite sphere is 65 – 70 mm in size. The gemstone sphere weighs approx. 444 grams. The energy is evenly distributed in space due to the spherical shape.
Amazonite gemstone pendant
Be enchanted by the beauty and energetic properties of our Amazonite gemstone pendant. With its vibrant green tones and unique look, this pendant is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection.
Amazonite gemstone point 7-8 cm
Gemstone point 7-8 cm from Amazonite. The weight is between 100 and 125 gr. The point is beautiful in an altar with different stones.Discover the beauty of Amazonite with our beautiful 7-8 cm gemstone point. Amazonite is a crystal with an enchanting green color and is known for its calming and balancing properties.
Amazoniet ema egg van ca. 2,5 tot 4 cm. Let op! Stenen zijn uniek en hij kan dus afwijken van de foto. De vindplaats van deze Amazoniet is Madagaskar.
Amazonite anklet gipsy style
Gipsy-style anklet in the gemstone Amazonite, approx. 24 cm long and can also be closed a bit shorter, with 4 mm beads.
Amazonite health pendant
Amazonite health pendant. Gemstone pendant, on a display card incl. Disposable chain.
Amazoniet haarclip
Unieke haarclip met Amazoniet steentjes. De haarclip is 7 cm.
Amazonite heart pendant 20 mm
Discover the enchanting beauty of our 20 mm Amazonite Heart Pendant. This unique gemstone combines the serene blue-green hues of Amazonite with the timeless charm of a heart-shaped pendant. Each pendant is carefully cut and polished to emphasize the natural beauty of the stone.
Amazonite gemstone point 180 - 230 gram
Amazonite cut gemstone point, found in Madagascar. This Amazonite point is between 180 and 230 grams and approx. 10 cm high.Discover the beauty of Amazonite with our beautiful 10 cm gemstone point. Amazonite is a crystal with an enchanting green color and is known for its calming and balancing properties.
Amazonite split bracelet + card
Amazonite split bracelet + card with split stones of approx. 5 to 10 mm.The card contains information on what the stone can be used for and also includes a disclaimer.
Amazonite chip necklace
Amazonite is known for its calming and harmonizing effect on both the mind and body. It is a stone that can help you find inner peace, reduce anxiety and stress and promote a sense of serenity.
Amazonite chip necklace + card
This beautiful stone is known for its ability to promote communication and resolve conflicts in a harmonious way. It can help you improve your communication skills, increase your self-expression and communicate more effectively with others.
Amazonite tumbled stones mt3, p kg
Welcome to the enchanting world of Amazonite Tumbled Stones, where the soothing power of these unique stones comes to life. Amazonite is known for its beautiful green-blue hues and is appreciated for its calming energy and harmonizing properties.