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Amber split bracelet card

Amber split bracelet with display card.

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Amber gemstone split bracelet with display card, approx. 17 cm long and strung on elastic.

The card states what the stone can be used for and also contains a disclaimer.

Amber is fossilized, hardened pine resin that sometimes contains trapped air bubbles or fossils (insects). It is a very powerful cleansing stone that easily converts negative energy into positive energy. Amber gives you balance and stability. It strengthens an open and carefree attitude, which makes you happy and confident in life. Amber is very soft and light and can be damaged or melt under the influence of acids, solvents and fire. Small pieces of Amber are sometimes heated and compressed into a larger piece for use in jewelry. Because natural amber is expensive, it is copied from plastic / resin. Real amber can be difficult to distinguish from counterfeit.

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