Amethyst Brazili B rough
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Amethyst Brazili B rough, p kg

Amethyst chunks from Brazil in B quality. Large pieces from 1 or 2 kilos

€25.00 Tax included

€20.66 Tax excluded

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Amethyst chunks from Brazil in B quality. The price is per kilo, Large pieces from 2 kilos.

Pay attention! The amethyst may turn out differently than in the picture. May also contain other stones such as Smoky Quartz, Calcite, Agate, Chalcedony, Pyrite etc ... So you always receive something unique!


Amethyst is related to the rock crystal and promotes spiritual clarity, awareness of spirituality and recognition of spiritual reality. Amethyst gives us a sense of justice and a keen judgment and thus creates honesty and sincerity. Good for conflict management, acceptance and inner peace. Amethyst promotes spiritual growth and provides insights. It has a purifying and calming effect on the environment, very suitable for therapeutic areas.

The physical, emotional and spiritual effect of Amethyst

Reduce complaints:

Amethyst has a beneficial effect on headaches, migraines, whiplash, insomnia, nightmares, diabetes, pancreas malfunction, stress and nervousness. Amethyst helps against skin complaints and itching (in bath water). The stone helps you to let go of negative thoughts and to process trauma.

Promote Properties:

Amethyst has a positive effect on the circulation, blood composition, nervous system, heart and vessels. It promotes concentration, spirituality, intuition, the feeling of compassion and helps you to find the silence within yourself. Amethyst brings acceptance of loss and strengthens will power. Amethyst has a cleansing effect on the body but is also very suitable for purifying spaces.

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