Angelite - Calming and Protective

Angelite - Calming and Protective

Angelite is a light blue stone.

How Angelite works

Angelite is also called angel stone because of its effect and its light blue color. Angelite works soothing and gives protection, Angelite also brings empathy and patience. It gives space which creates a peaceful feeling. Angelite ensures that you find order in the chaos. Angelite is very focused on the throat chakra and therefore helps you express your feelings and talk about them. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, Angeliet can ensure that you can accept this. Yet Angelite is a versatile Crystal and the sixth and seventh chakra are also balanced by this Gemstone. With Angelite you can communicate more easily with angels, gain spiritual experiences and make astral journeys.

The gemstone Angelite opens the way for spirituality and strengthens communication with angels on a telepathic level. Angelite is also widely used in astral travel.


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Throat chakra (5th), third eye (6th) and crown chakra (7th)

Zodiac sign

Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)


Angelite should not be cleaned too much with water.