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Aqua Gems

At De Goudsbloem we sell about 50 minerals that are suitable for making elixirs. Please note that this must be done with great care. Not all minerals are suitable. Read the enclosed user manual carefully.

It is and remains important to always request/use medical assistance where it is needed and while we try to share essential information on this website that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone. to exclude medical help, on the contrary!
In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!

Gemstones for making elixirs/remedy

Many people feel that gemstones and minerals have a radiance, other people experience through their intuition or their inner eye that gemstones have a certain effect. Gemstones have their own vibrational number. Sensitive people can pick up these vibrations.

In alternative medicine, minerals are used as medicinal or healing stone. Due to their appearance, composition, color and vibrations, they often have a special effect on the body, soul and spirit of the human being. Each type of stone has its unique essence, power and electromagnetic field. As a result, they interact with their environment. Often an elixir / remedy is used. An elixir/remedy is a mixture of herbs or gemstones. Many other applications are possible.

Well-known elixirs/remedies are flower remedies such as Bach flowers. Elixir/remedies can be applied orally and externally to the body.

What makes water so special

Scientists have determined that water has a memory and is actually our primordial memory and that water molecules can change under the influence of energies. So the vibration of gemstones can change the water molecules and have a positive influence on human beings.

dr. Mazaru Emoto has shown, by taking pictures of treated water, that the crystals in the water change. And that is very special. Kirlian photography has also shown that water stones have a positive effect on the human body.

Effect on the human body

So the vibration in the water is stored and is passed on to the body through these elixirs. Not only our thoughts are vibrations but the whole body is a great mass of vibrations of molecules with their atoms and particles moving in them. The vibrations of an elixir/remedy act on the physical body and work there correcting, strengthening and healing.

Gemstone elixirs

Not all gemstones are suitable for making an elixir. Some are poisonous and therefore not suitable.

Energie edelstenen water mix 1 kg.
1 kilo stenenmix voor Energie drinkwater (zoals in onze drinkflessen zit) met de stenen Bergkristal, Carneool en Melkkwarts. Ideaal voor in een grote tapkaraf.
Aqua Gems "Growth" insteek waterwand
Glazen buisje van 10 cm gevuld met 20 gram splitsteentjes, Jaspis rood en Agaat boom, ter bevordering van de groei van planten.
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Aqua Gems Drinkflessen starterset 8 st.
Last items in stock
8 verschillende drinkflessen, namelijk: Ontspanning, Detox, Vitaliteit, Fit en Slank, Liefde en Harmonie, Succes, Chakra en Mind en Focus.
Chakra Aqua Gems drinking bottle
Energy drinking water in a handy bottle. Contains Jasper Red, Carnelian, Calcite Yellow, Aventurine Green, Blue Quartz, Amethyst and Rock Crystal.
Energetic water set - Detox
Energetic water set - Detox: Use this set to energize your drinking water. Content has 3 stones Rock Crystal, 3 stones Yellow Calcite and 3 stones Black Tourmaline.
Aqua Gems water bottle 700 ml
Water bottle of 700 ml, suitable for the aqua gems wands. Size S fits exactly. Supplied including cork.
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle: Use this set to energize your drinking water. Content has 3 stones Rock Crystal, 3 stones Pink Quartz and 3 stones Amethyst.
Skincare Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This gemstone combination takes care of our largest organ, the skin, and has a very beneficial effect on it.
Anti-stress Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This gemstone combination is beneficial for stress because it helps the body and mind to let go and relax.
Love and Harmony Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This holy trinity gemstone combination of Amethyst, Rose quartz and Rock crystal represents love, harmony, empathy, inner peace, consciousness and also has a soothing and purifying effect. Also called Golden triangle.
Sensuality Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This gemstone combination stimulates physicality in the widest sense of the word.
Relaxation Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This gemstone combination gives complete relaxation and has a beneficial effect on body and mind.
Detox Aqua Gems drinking bottle
Detox gemstone water in a handy drinking bottle. The bottle contains Rock Crystal, Tourmaline and Calcite.