Aventurijn groen trommelstenen (mt3)
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Aventurine green tumbled stones mt3, p kg

Tumbled stones Aventurine green. Size 20-40 mm. Location is India. The price is per kilo, approx. 45 stones per kilo.

€90.00 Tax included

€74.38 Tax excluded


Aventurine green

Aventurine green provides joy, optimism and makes you (again) lively. He gives you confidence in the face of new situations in which you find yourself. Green Aventurine also helps you deal with the ups and downs that life carries with it. Green Aventurine is a lucky stone for many people and can help you set your goals and manifest prosperity. It is a very powerful and easy to use stone.

The physical, emotional and spiritual effect of green Aventurine

Reduce complaints:
Green Aventurine helps against eczema, nosebleeds, hair loss and acne. It can be used for heart problems or when you are recovering from an operation or illness.

Promote Properties:
Green Aventurine regulates blood circulation. It repairs cells and stimulates their new growth. Green Aventurine can have a beneficial effect on babies and young children who develop too slowly. Green Aventurine gives you life force.

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