Aventurine Orange - Uplifting and Vitalising

Aventurine Orange - Uplifting and Vitalising

How Orange Aventurine works

Orange Aventurine ensures that you can live a happier life. This uplifting and vitalizing gemstone mainly focuses on your solar plexus chakra and you will notice that you feel better about yourself. Orange Aventurine also helps you make decisions and chase your dreams. Aventurine Orange ensures that you can let go of old patterns and can make you more creative. Physically, Aventurine Orange ensures blood production and good blood circulation. This gemstone also has a beneficial effect on the liver and the senses, and stress-related complaints such as headaches can decrease.

Use of Aventurine Orange

Orange Aventurine has many applications. For example, you can use Orange Aventurine as a pocket stone, in gemstone water or wear it on the skin in a piece of jewelry. Of course you can also place it in a relevant place, such as your living room or bathroom.

Orange Aventurine is also ideally suited for Crystal Grids or to carry with you or to meditate with. A crystal grid? What is that? A grid is a grid in which crystals are carefully placed in a specific place. You usually place a grid in or around your house to protect the house from negative energy, to keep spaces clean or to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.


It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed. While we try to share essential information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to exclude medical attention. On the contrary! In case of complaints, always seek help from your doctor first!


Sacral Chakra (2nd) and the Heart Chakra (4th)

Zodiac sign

Gemini (May 22 to June 21) and Virgo (August 24 to September 23)


Orange aventurine can be cleaned and recharged in all ways.

Aventurine orange 50 gr. tumbled stones (size3)
Discover the vibrant power of Orange Aventurine tumbled stones - a radiant companion for positive energy and creative flow! Our carefully selected Orange Aventurine stones are precisely tumbled, bringing their natural beauty to life. Each stone is unique, with warm tones and subtle variations that emphasize the authentic charm of this gemstone.
Gemstone pendant Aventurine orange
Be inspired by the vibrant color and positive vibrations of the Orange Aventurine gemstone pendant. This beautiful pendant is made of high quality Orange Aventurine and radiates a warm and joyful energy.
Aventurine orange pocket stone
Pocket stone Aventurine orange of approx. 3-5 cm. Orange Aventurine ensures that you can live a happier life. This uplifting and vitalizing gemstone mainly focuses on your solar plexus chakra
Zodiac bracelet aventurine orange - Virgo
Aventurine orange zodiac bracelet of 18 cm. The Aventurine orange beads are strung on elastic. The beaded bracelet has silver-colored details and a charm of the zodiac sign Virgo. The orange Aventurine bracelet weighs 18 grams and has 8 mm beads.
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Yoni massage set Obsidiaan / Aventurijn oranje
Yoni massage set met een Obsidiaan yoni-ei van 47x34 mm (incl. touwtje) en een oranje Aventurijn yoni -stick. Wordt geleverd met een folder met instructies voor oefeningen, reiniging en andere handige weetjes.