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A Buddha is someone who is fully awakened by his own strength. The word Buddha means “the awakened,” “the enlightened,” and “the one with a comprehensive understanding.”
A Buddha mainly stands for happiness, love and healing. This is not only for yourself but also for those in your immediate environment.

Buddha statues symbolize Buddhist teachings. All Buddhas have the same in common, peace, rebirth, compassion and detachment, which are the truths for all Buddhists. A Buddha statue also makes you quieter, and you will find these statues more and more in the Western living rooms.

After the first Buddha Gautama, several new Buddhas came, they had their own qualities and their own philosophy. This is also the reason that there are different Buddha statues. From their posture, clothing and mudras (hand gestures), you can see which Buddha it is about.

With us you will find an extensive range of Buddha statues: Buddha of Compassion Chenresig, Amithaba Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Manjushri, Amitayus, Vajrasattva, Ratnasambhava, Akshobya, Vairochana, Amogasiddhi, White Tara, Green Tara, Buddha Teaching, Reclining Buddha, monks, olifs statues,…

A Buddha statue is a beautiful gift to give, because in Buddhism a Buddha stands for happiness. In this way you wish the recipient happiness, prosperity and this also strengthens the friendship between donor and recipient. You can also purchase a Buddha for yourself, do this with the right intention. By the way, it's a myth that you can't buy a Buddha statue for yourself.

Enjoy the positive energy and beauty of your Buddha.

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Resting Buddha Thai style
Buddha statue of a Thai style resting Buddha or sleeping Buddha.Suitable for indoor use.
Meditating Buddha Thailand grey
Statue of a serene Thai-style Buddha, sitting on a throne, meditating.Suitable for indoor use.
Praying Buddha Thailand grey
Serene Thai-style Buddha statue with the mudra - hand gesture - of praying and detailed carvings. Suitable for indoor use.
Buddha of Reassurence with throne
Statue of the Buddha of Reassurance with Abhaya mudra. With beautiful details in his clothing and throne. Suitable for indoor use.
Buddha Touching the Earth
Detailed statue of the Historical Buddha with the hand gesture of touching the earth, the well-known Bhumisparsha mudra. Suitable for indoor use.
Yoga monk statue ohm orange
Decorative statue to place in the home or in a yoga studio, therapy room or waiting room.
Yoga monk statue ohm grey
Decorative statue to place in the home or in a yoga studio, therapy room or waiting room.
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Buddha statue bronze no.9
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Buddha from Nepal. Dimensions 35x20x10 cm and weight 3.27 kilos.