Cannacura hemp products

Cannacura hemp products

We offer a wide range of premium CBD products from Cannacura. Our selection of organic CBD products includes everything, from CBD massage oil to full spectrum CBD ointments, all of which are made using only the finest organic ingredients.

Cannacura is a leading producer of organic CBD products, with a focus on using only the highest-quality, organically grown hemp in their manufacturing process. Their commitment to quality and consistency makes their wholesale CBD products some of the best on the market.

Aside from an ethical approach to growing and processing their product itself, their packaging, using biodegradable plastics, clearly shows the devotion they have to creating a product that is as good to nature as it is to ourselves. It is produced exclusively from purely plant-based, renewable resources – sustainable and nearly CO2-neutral.

Trompetol Product line

In addition to their full spectrum CBD cosmetics and CBD massage oil, Cannacura also offers a line of unique hemp-based products under the Trompetol brand. Trompetol ointment is a highly effective cannabinoid salve made with natural hemp extracts; it uses the retaining power of Vaseline to ensure the active ingredients get to where they are needed most. It is used to relieve and soothe the skin in case of skin problems, as well as for the treatment of irritated, damaged, and dry skin. These first-class CBD products are fully approved in the Czech Republic according to EU legislation.


Cannabios Product line

In addition to Cannacura's CBD products in the Trompetol line, we also offer their line of certified natural organic skin care from CANNABIOS. These cosmetics are made with a unique blend of virgin olive oil, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and an extract from hemp plants, providing a rich source of active hemp components, including cannabidiol (CBD), known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The hemp used in CANNABIOS skin care products is grown in a clean countryside at the foothills of the Jeseníky mountains. Throughout the production process, nature-friendly methods are employed to ensure that no hazardous substances or processes are used, and the active hemp substances are obtained from legally cultivated varieties with less than 0,2% THC.

Full spectrum CBD oil

If you are looking to buy a CBD massage oil, CANNABIOS Hemp-X Oil has everything you need. Cannacura’s cold extraction process and CANNABICOMPLEX CC+ formula ensure that a broad spectrum of active components are present in all their products, from CBD to CBG, terpenes and flavonoids, passing on all the benefits of using the CBD flower to you and your customers.

Cannabios HEMPbalm Tattoo 50 ml
Created especially for the preparation of skin before having a tattoo as well as an after-treatment, Natural Hempbalm with coconut oil and shea butter as well as a number of active hemp derived substances significantly reduce irritation, calming and soothing the skin, helping to restore its natural balance more quickly.
Cannabios HEMPbalm Neutral 50 ml
Soothing balm from organic extra virgin olive oil and organic hemp seed oil with the content of active CC+ phytocomplex, without perfume. Cannabios' unscented HEMPbalm Neutral was developed specially for those with allergies and very sensitive skin. This gentle blend helps to soothe irritation and allows the skin to restore its natural balance.
Trompetol HEMPcream-gel Neutral 100 ml
Gentle hemp cream-gel containing a unique complex from the hemp plant, for regenerating, hydrating and soothing irritated skin. The cream gel is neutral, without added perfume. Owing to the ingredients it gently smells of bitter almonds. Slightly acidic pH 5.5 corresponds to the pH of our skin.
Trompetol HEMPsalve TATTOO 50 ml
Designed to help prepare the skin before having a tattoo as well as for aftercare, the active components in CANNABICOMPLEX CC+ may reduce irritation and help to soothe and restore the natural properties of the skin more quickly.