Carnelian - Creativity and Vitality

Carnelian - Creativity and Vitality

Carnelian is a yellow, orange orange-red, pink or red stone formed as small translucent to transparent pebbles that have occasional inclusions.

How Carnelian works

Carnelian brings an energy that is full of life and vitality. When worn, this stone will help you feel anchored and comfortable in even the most chaotic environments. Can also improve your motivation and drive, helping you find a more efficient path to success in your career and personal affairs. Carnelian assists in taking action to manifest your highest goals and dreams.

Carnelian can be used to reveal past life experiences to help you on your spiritual journey in this life. This stone activates the desire to discover everyday patterns that prevent you from achieving self-realization. Use this stone with the intention of knowing yourself to the core and embracing all that you are on all levels. You can reach greater heights in meditation practice through self-acceptance and self-knowledge, and develop your spiritual nature.

The stone promotes all kinds of creativity. This stone improves your analytical skills and gives you a clear insight.

It is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps clear unwanted thoughts while in the meditative state. Carnelian sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Carnelian promotes the sanctity of home and family. This stone warms and energizes you and is particularly useful for combating sluggishness and stimulating body and mind.

Use of Carnelian

Carnelian has many applications. You can use Carnelian as a pocket stone, in gemstone water or wear it on the skin in a piece of jewelry. Of course you can also place it in a relevant place, such as your living room or bathroom.

Carnelian is also ideally suited for Crystal Grids or to carry with you or to meditate with. A crystal grid? What is that? A grid is a grid in which crystals are carefully placed in a specific place. You usually place a grid in or around your house to protect the house from negative energy, to keep spaces clean or to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.


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Sacral Chakra (2nd) and Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd)

Zodiac sign

Virgo (August 24 to September 22) and Leo (July 22 to August 23)


Carnelian can be cleaned and recharged in all ways. Be careful with bright sunlight, then the stone can discolour.

Carneool pendel facet
Facet geslepen Carneool pendel. De pendel is ca. 3 – 4 cm lang en het kettinkje is ca. 15 cm lang.
Carnelian double terminated pendant
Beautiful double terminated pendant with the gemstone Carnelian, with silver colored pendant. The colors of the pendant can vary from light to dark red / orange. The Carnelian pendant has a length of 4 cm and the stone is 3.5 cm. The pendant may differ from the photo. The double terminated Carnelian pendant comes without a chain.
Carneool haarclip
Unieke haarclip met Carneool steentjes. De haarclip is 7 cm en weegt 10 gram.
Carnelian tumbled stones A quality ±250 g
Carnelian is focused on giving energy, boosting creativity and protecting from negative emotions. Carnelian is a brown-red variant of chalcedony. It has been in use as a gemstone and stone of power for thousands of years. *
Carnelian fashion bracelet double strand
Beautiful beaded bracelet of a double strand split stones of the semi-precious stone Carnelian. The double strands of the stone are connected by a machined metal bead every 3-4 cm. The bracelet is finished with a charm of a Carnelian bead.
Carnelian bead bracelet 4 mm
Beautiful bead bracelet for adults with small 4 mm beads. The beads are made of Carnelian and are strung on elastic. Extra fun to put on several bracelets at the same time, choose whether you want the same or different stone types next to each other.
Merkabah cage pendant Carnelian
Merkabah pendant with a gemstone ball of Carnelian. The Carnelian pendant is approx. 2.5 cm long, the ball is approx. 1 cm. Total weight approx. 3 grams. NB! Supplied without chain.
Carneool Merkabah sieraden set
Hanger en oorbellen in merkabah vorm met daarin een edelsteen balletje van Carneool. De Carneool sieraden zijn ca. 2,5 cm lang, het balletje is ca. 1 cm, in doosje verpakt. Totaal gewicht ca. 45 gram.
Carneool oorbellen merkabah
Oorhangers met een Carneool bolletje in een zilverkleurig merkabah kooitje. Het bolletje van de edelsteen Carneool groen is ca. 1 cm in doorsnee en de kooihanger heeft een hoogte van 2.5 cm.
Guardian Angel Pendant Carnelian - July
A silver-colored angel of 3.5 cm with a body of Carnelian. This angel pendant is delivered without a chain.Let the powerful energy of our Guardian Angel Pendant with Carnelian guide you, especially if you were born in July. This enchanting pendant combines the protective power of an angel with the vitality and passion of Carnelian, a gemstone known for its stimulating properties.
Carnelian summer vibes necklace
Subtle necklace of bright orange Carnelian, the stones are 2 mm faceted and the clasp is made of silver. This Carnelian necklace is 44 cm long.
On sale!-15%
Carnelian gemstone pendant 3 pieces
Price per piece : 3.04 €Carnelian Gemstone pendant. With glued metal eyelet, nickel-free.This is a natural product so colour, shape and size may vary and differ from the picture shown.