Chakra products

Chakra products

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Chakra tea Solaris, chakra lights, incense, pendants, candles, meditation cushions, jewelry, chakra gems sets, yoga clothing, and so much more ...

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Chakra is originally a concept from traditional Indian medicine. The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “circle”.
A few thousand years ago, the chakras were discovered by Indian spiritual healers.

The chakras are represented as rotating funnel-shaped energy fields, which are located on the most important nerve nodes along the spine. In the chakras, the energy channels, also called nadi, come together.

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Meditation cushions SET 1 of 7 chakra cushions
Set 1 of 7 embroidered chakra cushions (art. PH8101 till PH8107)The padding of the cushions consists of 100% natural buckwheat chaff, which ensures a nice even seating surface. Create the correct seat height by removing some padding from the cushion or adding it.