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Chakra wisdom - oracle cards

Chakra Wisdom - Oracle Cards by Caryn Sangster.

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Chakra Wisdom - Oracle Cards by Caryn Sangster.

Contains 49 cards incl. Book.

Step into the world of the chakras and gain insight into how your current situation, thoughts and choices affect the seven energy centers in your body. Everything that happens in your life is reflected in your chakras. Balancing your energy centers is therefore not only essential to your general well-being, it is also a way of aligning your soul with the wisdom of the universe. In this box you will find 49 cards and a booklet of messages to help you find out which energy centers are out of balance. The messages encourage you to think about blockages in the energy flows and help you heal your chakras. This way you can take the first steps on the road to inner balance and a personal transformation.

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