Chalcopyrite - Knowledge and Clear thinking

Chalcopyrite - Knowledge and Clear thinking

Chalcopyrite is golden yellow sometimes with black veins.

How Chalcopyrite works

Chalcopyrite is a mineral that acts as an energy conductor. Promotes knowledge and clear thinking. The stone helps you to understand the cause of various problems. It also improves perception and the stone has a beneficial effect on tumors, arthritis, inflammation and fever.

Use of Chalcopyrite

Chalcopyrite has many applications. For example, you can use Chalcopyrite as a pocket stone, in gemstone water or wear it on the skin in a piece of jewelry. Of course you can also place it in a relevant place, such as your living room or bathroom.

Chalcopyrite is also ideally suited for Crystal Grids or to carry with you or to meditate with. A crystal grid? What is that? A grid is a grid in which crystals are carefully placed in a specific place. You usually place a grid in or around your house to protect the house from negative energy, to keep spaces clean or to make your house a place that receives abundance on every level.


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Crown Chakra (7th)

Zodiac sign



Chalcopyrite should not be cleaned with water.

Raw chalcopyrite, p kg
Chalcopyrite rough, chunks of about 3 to 6 cm. The price is per kilo, 8 to 10 chunks per kilo.
Box of Chalcopyrite
Add a touch of mystique to your crystal collection with our beautiful specimens of Chalcopyrite, carefully packaged in a box! Chalcopyrite, also known as the 'birthstone of renewal,' not only exudes unique beauty but also brings powerful energies that promote renewal and positivity.
Chalcopyrite sales box
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20 small boxes containing a rough stone of Chalcopyrite, the chunks are approx. 3 -4 cm.