Citrien natuur edelsteen hanger
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Citrine natural gemstone pendant

Gemstone pendant of natural Citrine, approx. 2-3 cm long.

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Gemstone pendant of natural Citrine, approx. 2-3 cm long.

Citrine is a very popular stone. Be careful not to buy a burned version for healing purposes. Citrine stands for openness, zest for life, courage and vitality. Stimulates self-expression and prevents performance anxiety and gloom. But concentration is also improved. Citrine is beneficial for nerves, stomach, spleen and pancreas.

Citrine stimulates self-expression and makes you more open. It restores your energy and makes you more alive. Citrine improves concentration, gives you confidence and stimulates self-realization.

Citrine reduces performance anxiety, self-destructive behavior and melancholy. Has a beneficial effect on the nerves, stomach, pancreas and spleen. Citrine helps against infections and chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, reduces anxiety and phobias.

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