Crystallized A to B - Gemstones and Minerals

Crystallized A to B

At De Goudsbloem you will find a beautiful collection of crystallized minerals and gemstones. Imported from the many countries we know. Below you will find an explanation of exactly what crystallized minerals and gemstones are.

Most minerals in nature occur as crystals. The shapes of the crystals depend on the regular arrangement of the atoms. (internal building blocks of the crystal), the crystal lattice. The atoms and molecules of crystals are arranged in exact geometric patterns such as faces, edges and angles. Their mutual ratio and the angles are always constant. The crystals are divided into 7 crystal systems according to their symmetry (mirror planes, rotation axes and center of symmetry).

You will find minerals with crystal lattices in the shapes of rectangles, hexagons, squares, rhombuses, parallelograms and trapezoids as the basic structure. There are no more species, but there are variations of these.

In this category you will find the following crystallized gemstones and minerals:

Aragonite rose
Azurite / Malachite
Barite / Vanadenite
Rock Crystal / Lemurian / Fade Quartz
rock crystal
Rock crystal red

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Antimonite rough
Last items in stock
Antimonite rough, different sizes from 5 to 20 cm
Brochantite rough
Last items in stock
Brochantite rough, found in Morocco. Raw chunks of 3 to 8 cm.
Aragonite, crude crystallized, p kg
Aragonite from Morocco, crystallized pieces, various sizes from 5 to 20 cm. The price is per kilo. Prefer a size? Indicate it in the comments.
Rock crystal red raw Morocco, p kg
Red Rock crystal clusters, pieces and points from Morocco. The price is per kilo. Pieces from 30 grams to 2.5 kilos. You may receive 1 or more pieces.
Rock crystal Lemurian Faden quartz rough Morocco, p kg
Crystallized pieces from 100 grams to 3 kilos, the price is per kilo, these pieces can contain all 1 of these or all 3: Rock crystal / Lemurian crystal / Faden quartz. Origin Morocco. Please write in the comments in your shopping cart if you have a preference for the size.