Dreamcatchers for a better sleep


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A dreamcatcher is used to stimulate spiritual dreams and especially to protect against nightmares and negative energies during sleep. A dreamcatcher is made from a wooden or metal ring with rope and feathers. It mainly contains beads, shells, stones, plumes. At De Goudsbloem you wind different types of dreamcatchers, from small to large.

Using the dreamcatcher

You hang the dreamcatcher above your bed to catch the bad dreams and let the good ones through.

You can of course use the dreamcatcher as decoration, in this case you can hang it wherever you want or where it comes into its own most

Dreamcatcher Mirror 11cm Purple
Purple dreamcatcher with square mirrors and feathers. The large circle of the dreamcatcher is 11 cm in diameter.
Dreamcatcher Mirror 11cm Pink
Pink dreamcatcher with mirrors and feathers. The largest ring of the dreamcatcher is 11 cm in diameter.
Dreamcatcher Rainbow leather 11cm
Leather dreamcatcher with rainbow colors. The dreamcatcher is 11 cm in diameter and has colored feathers and beige beads.
Dream catcher only feathers 22 cm Pink
Pink dreamcatcher with 3 small dreamcatchers underneath. The dreamcatcher has black beads and pink feathers. The pink dreamcatcher is 22 cm in diameter.
Crocheted Dreamcatcher 12cm
Crocheted dreamcatcher with feathers and beads. This white dreamcatcher is 12 cm in diameter.