Drinking bottles gemstone water

Drinking bottles gemstone water

For thousands of years, healing properties have been attributed to gemstones and minerals. Gemstones with their attributed healing effect are used in various ways for their therapeutic effect and special properties.

The magic of gemstone water and its effect on the human body
The vibration of the gemstones is stored in the water and passed on to the body when drinking it. Not only our thoughts are vibrations, but the whole body is a great mass of vibrations of molecules with their atoms and particles moving in them. The vibrations of an elixir / remedy act on the physical body and work there correcting, strengthening and healing.

The bottles are BPA-free and are easy to clean because the bottles contain handy separate parts. The bottle has a handy cap that you can carry with you. Content is 700 ml.

Fill the drinking bottle containing the gemstone combination with water and let it stand for at least 0.5 hours. The water can be drunk directly from the bottle and has a mild to strong effect. Allowing it to ripen longer is fine, but change the water within 24 hours. We advise you to drink no more than 2 bottles per day.

We have the following drinking bottles in our range:

Relaxation – reduces stress, gives inner peace and stability, creating space on all levels.
Vitality – provides energy and restores vitality, promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
7 Chakras – balances all chakras, clears the aura of negative energy, harmonizes it and balances body, mind and soul.
Detox – for purification and detoxification of body and mind. Protects the body and energy field from electromagnetic radiation.
Slim & Fit – stimulates metabolism and fat burning. Has a diuretic effect and strengthens perseverance.
Mind & Focus – strengthens memory, promotes concentration, helps to focus better. Also very suitable for study purposes.
Good luck! – promotes prosperity and gives a feeling of happiness, helps you to persevere and to pursue goals. Makes decisive and gives confidence in the future.
Love & Harmony – stands for love, harmony, empathy, inner peace, awareness and also has a soothing and purifying effect.
Note: All gem combinations offered do not replace a doctor.


It is and remains important to always use medical help where it is needed and while we try to share essential information in this site that could greatly benefit everyone's health, it is not intended to encourage anyone to take medical care. exclude help. On the contrary! Always seek help from your doctor in case of complaints!

Chakra Aqua Gems drinking bottle
Energy drinking water in a handy bottle. Contains Jasper Red, Carnelian, Calcite Yellow, Aventurine Green, Blue Quartz, Amethyst and Rock Crystal.
Energetic water set - Detox
Energetic water set - Detox: Use this set to energize your drinking water. Content has 3 stones Rock Crystal, 3 stones Yellow Calcite and 3 stones Black Tourmaline.
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle: Use this set to energize your drinking water. Content has 3 stones Rock Crystal, 3 stones Pink Quartz and 3 stones Amethyst.