Fragrance products

Fragrance products

Wide choice of essential oils, room spray, lavender scents, air fresheners, fragrance oil, fragrance bags, oil evaporators and fragrance stones.

Buying fragrance products

Get in the right mood with our fragrances. We at Goudsbloem think it is extremely important that you can relax and our fragrances can certainly contribute to this.

Very popular are the fragrance stones, here you drop essential oil. You can safely use it indoors without using fire. You can also use these fragrance stones in the bathroom, bedroom or the toilet.

We have other relaxing natural scents in the hand-blown glass bottles.

A wide selection of essential oils from Pranarom, Fiore d'Oriente and Bach Elixirs & Co can be evaporated in our Oil Evaporators.

We also have a large assortment of incense at De Goudsbloem. Incense sticks, incense cones and loose incense.

Saules Fabrika Shower gel lavender 200 ml 2 pieces
Suitable for him and her, economical in use, with mild fragrances and affordably priced. Ideally suited for sensitive skin cleansing, the soothing scent of lavender is an effective aid for dealing with stress and fatigue.
Saules Fabrika Body yoghurt lavender 200 ml
Nourishing Body Yoghurt from Saules Fabrika with almond oil and double moisturizing formula. With its soothing lavender aroma, it perfectly moistens and softens the skin. It is easily absorbed, without leaving any greasy residue.
Song of India Essential oil mix Rejuvenate 3 pieces
Allow your mind and soul to renew and refresh as this revitalising blend of pure essential oils works its magic.Contains a blend of 100% pure essential oils: Mandarin (Tangerine), Ginger and Vanilla oil.
Song of India Essential oil mix Cool Breeze 3 pieces
Step up the fresh factor with this minty cool blend that invigorates and positively stimulates the mind.Contains a blend of 100% pure essential oils: Peppermint, Spearmint, Clary Sage and Geranium oil.
Song of India Etherische olie Aromatherapie set Woodsy
Song of India's Woodsy collection contains three warm and earthy essential oils that will remind you of a walk through a dense forest full of aromatic plants and trees. The calming oils enhance mental clarity, focus and grounding, relieve stress and lift up your spirit.
Song of India Essential oil Aromatherapy set Sleep
Song of India's Sleep collection contains three calming essential oil blends that help relax the mind and body, and relieve insomnia. The soothing properties of the oils promote peaceful sleep and you wake up feeling recharged and refreshed for the day ahead.
Ylang Ylang essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Ylang Ylang oil with glass pipette. Derived from unique star-shaped flowers, Ylang Ylang scent has a calming effect, promoting a positive outlook. This sweet an bright scent promotes faster onset of sleep and arouses sensuality.
Vanilla essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Vanilla oil with glass pipette. The rich, warm and sweet oil instills comfort, euphoria and relaxation. A natural aphrodisiac, the soothing scent of vanilla promotes sexual arousal and reduces hyperactivity and restlessness.
Tea Tree essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Tea Tree oil with glass pipette. Tea Tree oil is best known for its purifying qualities. With antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties, this oil is ideal for cleansing the air, and promoting a healthy environment.
Song of India Peppermint essential oil 3 pieces
Pure essential Peppermint oil with glass pipette. The scent of peppermint is activating and helps to concentrate. The high menthol content of Peppermint oil can help in reducing cough, nasal congestion and headache.
Patchouli essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Patchouli oil with glass pipette. Patchouli has a distinct, quite heavy aroma that lingers. The gounding, soothing and peace-inducing arome of this oil is perfect for sharpening your wits, fighting depression and anxiety.
Neroli essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Neroli oil with glass pipette. Neroli oil is extracted from bitter orange tree blossoms and emits a rich, floral scent with citrusy overtones that uplifts and energises your mood and spirit.
Song of India Lemon essential oil 3 pieces
Pure essential Lemon oil with glass pipette. The fresh and light scent of lemon uplifts the atmosphere in a room. Lemon has cleansing and invigorating properties to enhance concentration, calm the nerves and act as a natural desinfectant.
Lemongrass essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Lemongrass oil with glass pipette. With a fresh and citrusy aroma, the tropical grassy plant creates a soothing and calming effect that instantly lifts your energy level.
Geranium essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Geranium oil with glass pipette. Geranium brings a fresh, flowery scent, that is naturaly repellant to insects. Geranium is known to reduce physical and mental stress.
Frankincense essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential Frankincense oil with glass pipette. Frankincense has a sweet, fruity, warm and woody fragrance that promotes a feeling of peace and overall wellness when used aromatically. The sacred oil alleviates stress and is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
Eucalyptus essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential eucalyptus oil with glass pipette. When inhaled, eucalyptus opens the airways and lungs. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant with anti-inflammatory properties. Has an uplifting and activating effect.
Cinnamon essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential cinnamon oil with glass pipette. Cinnamon's sweet and spicy scent will fill you with memories of delicious food and cozy days. Cinnamon oil aids in strengthening physical and emotional health. It can help diminish feelings of depression and anxiety, supports the immunesystem and stimulates libido.
Bergamot essential oil Song of India 3 pieces
Pure essential bergamot oil with glass pipette. With both calming and uplifting abilities, bergamot is known to dissipate anxious feelings and promote easier breathing.
Aromafume essential oil Eucalyptus 3 pieces
Eucalyptus essential oil, 100% natural and undiluted. Eucalyptus is commonly known for its refreshing scent, as well as expectorant and antiseptic effects.