Gemstone bracelets silver

Buy gemstone bracelets silver
At De Goudsbloem we have a varying collection of silver bracelets with gemstones. We always have a modest stock of silver with gemstones.

The silver jewelry is made of the best quality 925 silver. The combinations of silver and gemstone are purchased with a fine balance. No unnecessary thick slices of gemstone, for example, which makes a piece of jewelry unnecessarily expensive. Our pendants are kept as light as possible and perfectly finished. So you will find good quality jewelry at De Goudsbloem at an affordable price.

Robijn armband zilver ovaal
925 sterling Zilver armband met ovale Robijn stenen. De Robijn armband is handgemaakt in India.
Amethist armband zilver ovaal
Zilveren armband met 8 ovaal geslepen Amethist stenen. De Amethist armband is gemaakt van 925 sterling zilver en is handgemaakt in India.