Gemstone necklaces silver

At De Goudsbloem we have a varying collection of silver necklaces. We always have a modest stock of silver chains. We are concerned with the gems and minerals. Of course we have very nice silver chains that fit perfectly with our pendants, for example. You can also find special finished silver chains from Nepal.

Choosing the right gemstone pendant including chain
There are of course no fixed rules for this. You can get it as a gift or it is recommended to you. Or you have a certain problem that you want to find a healing stone for. But you can also intuitively select a gemstone/mineral. Sometimes you are just attracted to a mineral. It is then as if the stone has chosen you.

Silver necklaces with gemstone
The silver necklaces with gemstones from De Goudsbloem are made of the best quality 925 silver. The combinations of silver and gemstone are purchased with a fine balance. No unnecessary thick slices of gemstone, for example, which makes a piece of jewelry unnecessarily expensive. Our chains are kept as light as possible and perfectly finished. So you will find good quality jewelry at De Goudsbloem at an affordable price.

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Granaat collier zilver
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Zilver collier met 6 druppelvormige Granaten. De lengte van de ketting is 40 cm en kan worden verlengd tot 45 cm. De ketting weegt 5.12 gr.