Gemstone skulls pendants

Gemstone skulls pendants

These skulls, executed as pendants, are considered one of the great mysteries of the world. When the 1st-crystal skulls were found in ancient ruins in Mexico and Belize, they had already captured our imagination. How was it possible that such quality skulls could be made at all, let alone their attributed function.

According to the Maya and the Aztecs, crystal skulls are important to mankind and they were revered by them. There are many legends about crystal skulls, 1 legend is about 13 crystal skulls and it is predicted that when these skulls come together, the knowledge they possess will be shared with humanity. The crystals form a unit with the field (Akasha field). This means: the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. Lynn McTaggert described in her book “the field” that there is a lot of scientific evidence that the field does indeed exist. The field would contain the knowledge of the past, present and future. The crystal skulls fulfill their role in this.

Crystal skulls connect
It is about connection, connection with the field. The crystal skulls help you make this connection by increasing your awareness. A commonly used method is meditation and visualizations. You use the crystal skulls to train yourself through the skull to reach higher consciousness.

Transform using crystal skulls
When can you reach higher consciousness? Only then would you be able to transform, after which you can begin to perceive spiritually and physically. The heightened awareness makes you aware of what is happening around you and allows you to perceive everything clearly. Our salvation is in perceiving.

A New World
The connection with the field, whether or not via a crystal skull, opens a new world in which new ideas, inventions, wishes and many more things can manifest themselves to you. Your higher consciousness allows you to experience things that you have not perceived before. Therefore, it can manifest in your physical world. Indeed, thoughts become things. A fair amount of scientific evidence has also been collected for this, as described in Lynn mc Taggert's book “Thoughts become things“.

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