Gemstones and minerals by name A-B

Gemstones and minerals by name A-B

Are you looking for a unique way to enrich your spiritual journey or simply add a touch of natural beauty to your life? Explore the fascinating world of gemstones and minerals, starting with those whose names begin with the letters A to B. These beautiful stones not only have aesthetic appeal but have also been appreciated for centuries for their healing and energetic properties.

  1. Amethyst: As one of the most popular gemstones, amethyst is known for its calming energy and ability to promote inner peace. It is often used to relieve stress and foster spiritual growth.

  2. Aquamarine: With its clear, blue hues, aquamarine evokes images of calm waters. This stone is associated with serenity and clarity, often used to enhance communication and promote emotional balance.

  3. Clear Quartz: As one of the most versatile gemstones, clear quartz is known for its purifying properties. It is used to dispel negative energy and promote clarity of thought, making it an essential stone for meditation and spiritual growth.

  4. Bloodstone: This powerful stone, also known as heliotrope, is often associated with courage and vitality. It is used to strengthen energy and lift emotional blockages, making it an ideal companion for those striving for inner strength and perseverance.

  5. Blue Lace Agate: With its soft, sky-blue tones, blue lace agate exudes a soothing and calming energy. It is often used to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of peace, making it a valuable addition to any meditation practice.

Whether you are intrigued by the spiritual properties of gemstones or simply seeking a beautiful piece of nature to adorn your life, these Gemstones and minerals by name A-B offer a wealth of beauty and meaning to explore. Let yourself be captivated by their timeless allure and discover the wonders they have to offer.

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Afghanite tumbled stones 3 pcs. approx. 35 mm
Afghanite is a unique stone that combines deep blue tones with pyrite inclusions, resulting in an enchanting appearance. These stones are not only visually impressive but also powerful companions on your journey to spiritual enlightenment and inner strength.
Afghanite 250 gr Tumbled stones (size3)
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Discover the mystical energy of Afghanite Tumbled Stones - a journey into profound spiritual connection and strength! Our carefully selected Afghanite stones are precision-tumbled, allowing their natural beauty and energetic properties to fully shine.
Afghanite 500 gr. Tumbled stones (size3)
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Use Afghanite Tumbled Stones during meditation to experience a deeper spiritual connection and enhance your intuition. Place them in different spaces in your home to create an energetically balanced atmosphere. Carry them as a daily companion to keep the protective and strengthening energy of Afghanite always with you.
Agate gemstone pendant
Gemstone pendant Agate, in natural colors ranging from gray to yellow to orange.Be enchanted by the timeless beauty of our Agate gemstone pendant. With its natural charm and versatile look, this pendant is a valuable piece that complements any outfit.
Agate powerbead bracelet + card
Agate powerbead gemstone bracelet with display card, approx. 18 cm long and strung on elastic with 8 mm beads.A short operation and a disclaimer are stated on the card.
Agate small colored blue gemstone pendant
The blue agate gemstone is known for its soothing and calming energy. It is said to clear the mind, relieve stress and bring harmony to the wearer's life. With this pendant you can experience a sense of inner peace and serenity, even in the most hectic times.
Dragon skull A Agate
Agate dragon skull in A quality, this dragon skull is approx. 7.5 cm long. Agate helps you look at things with a sober attitude and helps you to think rationally and logically.
Agate powerbead bracelet
Agate powerbead. Photo is different from the product, the current agate is more green.
Open Agate pendant with Tourmaline silver color
Natural Agate pendant containing Tourmaline. The Agate pendant is 3 to 5 cm long. The pendant has a silver colored edge.NB! Each pendant is unique and can therefore differ from the photos.
Agate skull 70 mm
Agate skull of 70 mm length. Agate is a protective and grounding gemstone that brings inner peace. Agate connects you to mother earth and gives you a sense of safety and security.
Agate tumbled stones mt3
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Known for its grounding and stabilizing properties, Agate embodies the pure essence of this versatile stone. The smooth finish not only makes them visually appealing but also suitable for meditation and spiritual growth.
Agate hand stone
Agate hand stone, size: approx. 5-6 cm. Agate helps you look at things with a sober attitude and helps you to think rationally and logically. The stone also promotes concentration.
Agate Skull crystallized nr.3
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Skull from the semi-precious crystallized agate. Dimensions 75x105x70 mm and weight 860 grams. Nice openwork from the nose to the top.
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Agate yoni stick sphere
Agate yoni massage rod with a sphere at the end. 10 cm long and 2 to 2.5 cm thick.
Agate fur tree of life pendant 30 mm
Tree of life pendant of the gemstone Agate in 30 mm diameter. It is made of nickel-free material, the stones are glued to the pendant.
Agaat op voet groot
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Uniek stuk van Agaat natuur op voet Uit Brazilië van ongeveer 1.2 kg gewicht. De hoogte van de steen is ca. 10-12 cm. De Agaat komt uit Brazilië. De stukken zijn uniek en hebben verschillende openingen. Let op! Ieder stuk is uniek en kan daarom afwijken van de foto.