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Gemstones bracelets K - Q

Here you will find our collection of gemstone bracelets! View our large collection of split bracelets, silver bracelets, beaded bracelets and more!

The gemstone split bracelets are offered by De Goudsbloem with matching split chains. We call these bracelets 'split' because they are 'broken' gemstones. These split stones are then tumbled and strung on an elastic band. So you get beautiful split bracelets made of many types of gemstones and minerals.

Wind rose bracelet Aventurine green
Lava stone beaded bracelet with 8 mm beads. This bracelet is 19 cm long and is strung on elastic. The bracelet has 4 Aventurine green beads, which form a kind of wind rose. A wind rose indicates the cardinal directions: north, east, south and west. The Lava stone bracelet weighs 17 grams.
Heart summer bracelet Labradorite - Love Gems
Dainty Labradorite bracelet. The Labradorite bracelet is adjustable due to the button-slide closure. The Labradorite row of stones is 5.5 cm long. The bracelet contains 4 steel beads and weighs 1.5 grams. Includes display card.
Obsidian black fashion bracelet double strand
Beautiful beaded bracelet of a double strand split stones of the semi-precious stone Obsidian black. The double strands of the stone are connected by a machined metal bead every 3-4 cm. The bracelet is finished with a charm of a black obsidian bead.
Malachite split bracelet
Malachite split bracelet with split stones of approx. 5 to 10 mm. This Malachite split bracelet is approx. 17 cm long and strung on elastic.
Obsidian gold bead bracelet 4 mm
Beautiful beaded bracelet for adults with small 4 mm beads. The beads are made of obsidian gold and are strung on elastic.