Golden Triangle Minerals

Golden Triangle Minerals

These sets consist of three semi-precious (tumble)stones, meant to be used in a symbolic triangle, as described below.

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The stones can really work wonders.
The miracle this positive result can perform is called 'the golden triangle'. It revolves around three stones that are placed in a triangle to achieve the best energy flow in the house – energetically very valuable. The three stones are amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal.

Why three stones now – and why triangle?

From religion and history it appears that the number three and triangles have a special meaning for people.
In religion, for example the Catholic Church: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
In humans, the primary necessities of life: sleep, drink and eat. The life stages of people: child, adult, old; learning, working, retirement.
This number is also often used in writings such as the Bible. We see the triangle as a symbol in the pyramids. The triangle shape is also used in art as the basis of drawing theory.

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Bracelet Golden Triangle 2 pieces
Bracelet with a combination of the three gemstones known as the Golden Triangle: Amethyst, Rock Crystal and Rose Quartz. 
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle
Energetic water set - Golden Triangle: Use this set to energize your drinking water. Content has 3 stones Rock Crystal, 3 stones Pink Quartz and 3 stones Amethyst.
Love and Harmony Aqua Gems bath
Badwater gems set. This holy trinity gemstone combination of Amethyst, Rose quartz and Rock crystal represents love, harmony, empathy, inner peace, consciousness and also has a soothing and purifying effect. Also called Golden triangle.
Golden triangle in glass
Golden triangle in nice glass jars. Consists of approx. 50 grams Rock crystal, 50 grams Pink quartz and 50 grams Amethyst.