Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Products for a good balance between body and mind.

Buying healthy lifestyle products

In today's society, where we experience more and more stress, we also look to keep body and mind in balance. To help you with this, we offer various products at De Goudsbloem. This allows you to develop a healthy lifestyle and support your body.

It is important to drink enough pure water. If you want clean water that is optimized with the right energy, then certainly check out our Nature's Design products with the flower of life. Do you want to optimize your water with precious stones? Then you can make a choice from our gemstones sticks and water-vitalization from VitaJuwel. We also offer different types of essences such as Bach flowers, Bach Elixirs & Co., Angel essences, Chakra essences, Sacred Geometry essences, etc.

To clean the respiratory tract of your nose and nasal cavity, you can use a Neti pot. Also have a look at our Organic body care and Organic tea. At De Goudsbloem you can certainly find conscious products for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

De Goudsbloem is the right place for a balance between body and soul.


Angel Essences

Twenty beautiful Angel Essences that create a bridge between our everyday world and that of the realm of the Angels. The Angels work through these Essences to allow you to penetrate their positive qualities deep into your consciousness, making transformation and higher consciousness possible.

Flower of Life Nature's Design Products

Buying Flower of Life Nature's Design Products

The 'Flower of Life' is considered one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connectedness of all life in the universe. This 'Flower of Life' is known in many world civilizations; it is mainly used for vitalizing and stabilizing foods.

The form and symbol power is transferred and starts to resonate in liquids. This symbol is always on the bottom of all drinking glasses and carafes in this series.

Flower of Life Nature Design Products - glass and porcelain
In this special category we deliver unique products with a unique effect, made by Nature design from Switzerland:
* Beautiful carafes (in various sizes) for water and other liquids, also a special wine carafe, with the symbol of the Flower of Life burned in the bottom. This symbol is available in 4 colors, all with a special effect: gold, silver, white and multicolored. Some large carafes have a separately ordered wooden base.
* Energy plates and the Vital dishes with a large Flower of Life burned in, to charge all kinds of food or liquids with the special energy.
* Drinking glasses with the Flower of Life in the bottom in different colors, but also with six different affirmations (available in English, French and German), in just as many colors. Also available in affordable sets of 6.
* The summit for the tea ceremony: a teapot, a tea / coffee mug and an ivory-colored porcelain cup and saucer, with the Flower of Life in silver on the bottom.
* Finally, there is now also a nice aroma burner.

Bach products Elixirs&Co

Bach Flowers from Elixirs & Co, formerly Fleurs Essences & Harmonie, have been developed according to the principles of Doctor Bach, they are artisanal and organic

Disclaimer: These products are not a substitute for treatment by a qualified physician or therapist when needed. If in doubt about your (mental) health, consult your doctor.

Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences

These beautiful Essences help you get in touch with the energy of the Archangels and the Great Masters. Every Essence is tuned on an energy level to the consciousness that belongs to a certain Archangel or Master.

As gates to a higher dimension, these essences help to connect more easily with the network of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy, making this a wonderful set of essences for those who want to connect more with this Spiritual Hierarchy.

Bach flowers

Edward Bach used his education and experience in bacteriology, vaccine therapy and homeopathy to lead him to a completely new philosophy of well-being.

The highlight of his work was the creation of the 38 bach blossoms that are also known worldwide as Bach blossoms.

Core Emotions Essences

The Core Emotions Divine Harmony Essences can help to gently release and transform old locked-in emotional energy.

This energy is stored in the emotional 'body' and in other parts of your energy system. As your basic emotions become more balanced and flow more freely, you will find that you can respond adequately to the things you experience at any time, rather than unknowingly playing old, long-forgotten scenarios.

Make sure that you remain attuned to the insights that come to you while the essences do their work, especially when there are beliefs that are connected with the emotional themes that are being released.

Chakra Essences

The chakras together form one of the body's energy systems. Our Chakra Essences contain ten Essences (in combinations) of flowers, gems and crystals, which activate and balance the seven most important chakras plus three other chakra points, so that you can fully utilize the personality, level of consciousness associated with each chakra.

Neti Pot - Himalayan Salt

A Neti Pot is a little ceramic jar, to be filled with salty water, in order to cleanse the respiratory tract of nose and nasal passage.

Buying Neti Pot – Himalayan Salt

In India, this practice is called Jala Neti, and it is part of the daily personal hygiene of e.g. yogis in the early morning before yoga practice and other rituals. Cleansing and keeping the nasal and sinus cavities unblocked works beneficially with symptoms like a cold, flu, airway infections, dry nose, allergies and other local irritations. It may also help with swollen nasal mucous membranes. The Neti Pot is very easy to use, and it will take only a few minutes of your time.

Himalayan salt is for daily use with cooking, and for in the water using the Neti Pot (see above). This pink Himalayan salt is the purest kind of mineral salt, from 250 million years old mines. It is completely pure, without any contamination, and it contains all 84 elements which are present in the human body.

Divine Harmony Essences

Persuasion patterns arise when emotions and thoughts go together with sufficient focus. Strong beliefs are the reality in our lives, both personally and collectively. Positive, life-enhancing beliefs are important for our well-being, so when this is somehow disrupted, it can be a sign to check our unconscious beliefs, because often the beliefs are the most influential and active if we are not aware of them are in our daily lives.

Deep-acting combinations of Divine Harmony Essences are an excellent way to gently help raise old, ingrained beliefs so that we can figure them out and change them, making them according to our own choice.
Karmic Flower Essences

These Karmic Flower Essences form a powerful collection of blossom essences that can help you open doors within to guide you directly to the core of a theme, allowing rapid release from any unconscious belief pattern that is holding you back around you to develop further as a soul. The means are simple and easy to use and they are directly linked to the seven groups of personalities, as determined by Dr. Edward Bach.

Ear candles - Body candles

Buy Ear candles - Body candles

Ear candles were and are used by the native population of America, in order to cleanse the inner ear. The hollow candle is placed in the ear opening while laying on one side, and lit. This causes warmth to enter the auditory duct, creating a kind of aspirating effect. The warmth supports the normal blood flow and the drain of waste products.
The use of these ear candles will also be beneficial when your head is overly pressured.
Sacred Geometry Essences

The Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences are powerful memories of the original matrix or blueprint of our energetic system. These Essences work at a subtle level and help restore order and balance within our energetic blueprint.

Tea accessories

BuyingTea accessories

In this category you will find beautiful tea mugs, teapots, coasters and a beautiful tea box with the flower of life.
Tea Fiore d'Oriente Organic

Loose organic herbal tea from Fiore d'Oriente, specially formulated for balancing the Chakras.

Buying Tea Fiore d'Oriente Organic

It is important to keep our Chakras balanced, so we have to work on different fronts and use them all constantly.
The resources we have available: yoga, mantras, affirmations, colors, perfumes, foods and beverages.

Herbal tea for chakras is a great tool to bring our energy system back into balance. The mixtures are exclusively composed of plants from high-quality organic crops.

At Fiore D'Oriente they follow the entire production chain from the seed bank to the packaging in sealed envelopes, to protect them from contamination and bring them to us as fresh as they have just been harvested.

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

VitaJuwel gemstone water

In this very special section we offer unique products with unique effects, German made by Vitajuwel :

* Variety of gemstone blends. Each emphasize a different aspect.
* Accessories, like decanters, lids and chains for the gemstone blends.

Buy VitaJuwel gemstone water

Premium glass – hand-picked gemstones – elaborate craftsmanship – unique design – fascinating results.
These are the outstanding attributes of VitaJuwel. VitaJuwel revolutionized the method of vitalization of water with gemstones. Its providing you with homemade gem water like fresh from the spring.
Arranged in beautiful water decanters, VitaJuwel gems vials are an exclusive eye-catcher in every household. Because of their fascinating design and their proven efficiency they have become a permanent feature in many thousands of style conscious and health-seeking households all over the world.

With VitaJuwel, the best gemstone water can be prepared easily. Since the crystals are mantled in a glass vial, safe and hygienic handling is child's play, and risks through treated or poisonous rocks are eliminated. Furthermore, the esthetic design is causing positive perceptions in the obsever, which in return is also influencing the water and improves the quality of the gemstone water. It is a marvelous solution and guarantees a one hundred percent information transfer of the gemstones into the water.
Enjoy your own fresh and pure gemstone water with your hand-crafted gemstone vial that is as unique as you are.

fairly-traded, conflict-free gemstones
lead-free Bohemian glass
manufactured in the European Union
designed by VitaJuwel glass artists in the German Alps
results verified by lab analysis
tested by doctors & alternative practitioners
worldwide patented production method

However, no scientific claim can be derived from gemstone water.

Numi Tea Organic

Numi tea - The purest tea on the planet

Quality of the whole leaf: Numi is organic tea of ​​the whole leaf. No bitter-tasting tea powder. Each tea bag gives the fullness and rich taste quality of loose tea.

No added oils or flavourings: Numi uses only real fruit, flowers and herbs to make the "purest tea in the world". Without adding oils or flavourings that are common in the regular trade. This makes for a unique organic tea with a pure taste.

Organic and Fair Trade: With a passion for people and new experiences, the Numi Team travels to tea producing countries and purchases their tea and herbs directly from the growers. This assures Numi the most fresh and seasonally picked ingredients. Numi tea and herbs are certified ORGANIC, Fair Trade, Kosher and Halal.

Biodegradable tea bags: Numi tea bags are completely biodegradable. Numi does not follow the trend of "silky" transparent tea bags made of nylon or polyester, which are not degradable. Numi tea bags are fully compostable and therefore friendly to humans and the environment.

Tea Ayurvedic Pavilion organic

Pavilion Ayurvedic teas are the best teas of the highest level for all your wellbeing needs.

Buying Ayurvedic Pavilion Tea organic

Pavilion philosophy:
At Pavilion, everything we do is with an eye on your well-being. We are convinced that drinking the right herbal teas daily is the easiest way to maintain your well-being, along with a good balance between work and life, exercise and a healthy, healthy diet!

We have been mixing herbs and tea in Brighton and Hove for 30 years! As a result of our passionate work, we bring you a unique therapeutic concept using Indo-European herbal fusion, the only Ayurvedic tea made from the best cut herbs, flowers and spices of the highest quality. Our delicate mixtures of herbs, flowers and spices will give you healthy, refreshing and delicious tea drinks throughout the day. We only use pure natural flavors of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, licorice, nutmeg!

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

Tea Shoti Maa organic

The Shoti Maa teas are delicious, traditional, artisanal and 100% organic.

Buying Shoti Maa tea organic

The Shoti Maa teas from Hari's Treasure have been an authority in the field of tea and ayuveda for decades. Their goal is to make ayurveda and yoga better known to a large audience. The Shoti Maa teas are delicious, traditional, artisanal and 100% organic.

The Shoti Maa teas bring balance between 'body, mind and spirit'.

Shoti Maa means “Little Mother”

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

Tea Solaris organic

100% Organic without added flavorings or fragrances.

Buying Solaris Chakra tea organic

Philosophy of Solaris
Solaris Tea is a family business from Ireland, specialized in the development of tea blends with purely organic herbs, spices and teas. Solaris guarantees that all teas are produced in accordance with the highest standards in terms of quality and sustainability. All blends are pure, so without added fragrances or flavors. Master Tea Blender Jörg Müller, a former professional athlete, has a Bachelor's degree in Herbal Medicine (BScHons) and has been living in Ireland for more than 15 years.

We also offer a nice range of tea accessories such as, tea mugs and tea pots

Water vitalizing Gemstone Sticks

Buying Water vitalizing Gemstone Sticks

Try our sticks for energizing your drinking water. You’ll be thrilled! Improving the quality of drinking water with gemstones has become more popular over the last years – even though Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) qualified the special impact of gemstones. The glass stick, with approximately 24 cm in length, is filled with small gems, fair trade preferred and gemological approved (GKS Seal). Put a stick into a decanter full of still water and you can enjoy fresh precious stone water after a short time. There is no need for cleaning the gems. Simply rinse out the stick before first use and repeat from time to time.

However, no scientific claim can be derived from gemstone water.
Numi Organic Herbal Tea Ginger Lemon 4 pieces
A refreshing and warming herbal tea blend of citrus notes and ginger. Made from 100% certified organic ingredients with a full and rich taste. Numi Teas are produced in a Fair Trade and Environmental Friendly way.
Numi Organic Herbal Tea Sweet Night 4 pieces
A sweet and soothing herbal tea blend to calm the mind before a good night's rest. Made from 100% certified organic ingredients with a full and rich taste. Numi Teas are produced in a Fair Trade and Environmental Friendly way.
Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a simple and natural way to make a real difference to your health. It is a dry salt inhaler using the benefit of ancient Salt Therapy to maintain an optimum respiratory function and to help you breathe easier, alleviate any sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath, leaving you feeling revitalised. Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment of respiratory disorders and to help strengthen the immune system by cleansing the lungs, allowing them to absorb more oxygen. Himalayan salt inhaler may be helpful to relieve symptoms of: Asthma, Allergies, Sinus problems, Hay fever, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
On sale!-10%
Vital water Alladin carafe with gemstones 1200 ml
Aladdin Carafe with the golden triangle gemstones Amethyst, Rock crystal (Clear quartz) and Rose quartz. Together with the flower of life symbol, they provide extra strong water vitalisation.
Tea Infuser Mug Buddha blue 2 pieces
Tea mug with lid and stainless steel infuser, with buddha design.Please note: these mugs are NOT dishwasher or microwave proof. 
Tea Infuser Mug Moon Phases 2 pieces
Tea mug with lid and stainless steel infuser, with design of the four phases of the moon.Please note: these mugs are NOT dishwasher or microwave proof. 
Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teapot green
Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teapot, fully enamelled internally. Includes micromesh stainless steel filter for loose teas. The Tetsubin teapot handle has a sisal rope heat protection and gives better grip.
Tetsubin cast iron teapots are traditionally favoured for their elegant design, heartiness and ability to retain heat for long periods of time. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the cast iron teapot warmer to better extract the flavour of the tea. This also ensures that it stays hot for longer.
Japanese style Tetsubin cast iron teacup set of 2
Japanese style Tetsubin tea cups that perfectly match our Tetsubin tea pots. These elegant cast iron tea cups keep your tea hot for longer periods of time. The fully enamelled lining helps preserve the original taste of the tea and allows for easy care. Rest assured that it is safe and healthy without any chemical additives or lead.
On sale!-10%
Nature's Design Vitalwater drinking bottle to go Arve/Zirbe 500 ml
Nature’s Design bottles are made from 100 % natural materials which can be recycled or composted: glass, cork, wood, rubber, bioplastic. This bottle's lid is made of Swiss stone pine wood (arve/zirbe wood). With Flower of Life symbol on the bottom of the bottle.
On sale!-10%
Nature's Design Vitalwater drinking bottle to go Arve/Zirbe 700 ml
Nature’s Design bottles are made from 100 % natural materials which can be recycled or composted: glass, cork, wood, rubber, bioplastic. This bottle's lid is made of Swiss stone pine wood (arve/zirbe wood). With Flower of Life symbol on the bottom of the bottle.