Heliotroop groen trommelstenen (mt3)
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Heliotrope green tumbled stones mt3

Tumbled stones Heliotrope green, size 20-40 mm. The price is per kilo.

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Tumbled stones Heliotrope green, size 20-40 mm. The price is per kilo.

Heliotrope gives strength and courage, vitality and purity. Helps you with changes when you awaken spiritually. It helps you to stay on track despite obstacles, so that your goal can be achieved. Heliotrope stimulates the metabolism, the immune system and the lymphatic system. The stone has a calming effect on irritation and aggression and ensures that you can control yourself, it stimulates and increases adaptability. Heliotrope promotes altruism and idealism, it gives creativity and dreams and stimulates intuition. Heliotrope helps you to remove negative influences from your auric field. It is useful for all kinds of ailments related to blood, such as anemia and detoxifies it. Heliotrope has a stimulating effect on the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, bladder, restless legs syndrome, fibromyalgia, balances female hormones and even has a stabilizing effect during menopause. The stone can help you overcome loneliness by giving you strength and courage.

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