Hematiet ketting ster
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Hematite necklace star

Hematite necklace of barrel beads and a star pendant. The ke

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Hematite necklace of barrel beads and a star pendant. The chain has a handy twist clasp and is 40 cm long.

Hematite helps you to deal with opposites and find balance / balance in them. It gives you strength and courage, makes you more steadfast and improves memory and concentration. Hematite stimulates the absorption of iron in the blood and aids in the formation of red blood cells. The stone gives you more confidence and strengthens willpower. It increases your self-esteem and survival instinct.

Hematite helps against gloom and depression. Has a beneficial effect on the blood and aids in the production of blood in the bone marrow. Hematite can help with liver problems and contribute to the detoxification process. The stone is very useful when one suffers from addiction or compulsive disorders. Hematite also helps against hemorrhoids and nosebleeds, leg cramps and insomnia.

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