Incense Satya Sai Baba & Nag Champa

Incense Satya Sai Baba & Nag Champa

This Ayurvedic incense is handmade from all-natural raw materials, including sandalwood, camphor and various herbs from the Himalayas.

Buying Nag Champa Incense and Satya Sai Baba

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is the producer of Satya incense. Upon hearing the name Satya, people immediately think of the Satya “Sai Baba Nag Champa.”
Nag Champa is a tropical flower with an intoxicating sweet scent. This incense is very popular in the Sai Baba Ashram in India.

The Nag Champa incense is mainly used during meditation and purification rituals.

Sandalwood backflow incense cones
Incense cones for backflow incense burners. Via the air holes, the smoke flows down like a waterfall and creates a beautiful serene effect.